Thyristor vs Transistor

jojo September 10, 2009 4 Comments
Comparison of  Thyristor and Transistor As already mentioned, transistors and thyristors are both semiconductor devices. They are now widely employed in switching operations because of their numerous advantages such as noiseless operation owing to absence of moving parts, very...
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Thyristor vs Thyratrons

jojo September 10, 2009 1 Comment
Comparison between Thyristors and Thyratrons Before the discovery of thyristors, thyratrons were used for industrial control, but now they have been replaced by the thyristors because of the following drawbacks of thyratrons. 1. Thyratron needs a large anode-to-cathode voltage...
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Types of Thyristors

jojo September 10, 2009 5 Comments
Thyristor Family-Types of Thyristors The P-N-P-N devices with zero, one or two gates constitute the basic thyristor. But today the thyristor family includes other similar multilayer devices also. The complete list of thyristor family members include diac (bidirectional diode...
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