TeraHertz Transistors

Vysakh August 6, 2011 5 Comments
Terahertz transistors are the new generation semiconductor transistors developed by Intel Corporation. The researchers in Intel had developed a new transistor structure that maintains Moore’s law and would lead them into the discovery of these high speed new generation...
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Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

john March 24, 2011 23 Comments
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) Basics of Varistor A varistor/voltage dependent resistor (VDR) is a component which has a voltage – current characteristics that is very much similar to that of a diode. This component is used to protect electrical...
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Smart Antennas

john October 19, 2011 3 Comments
What is a Smart Antenna? Smart Antennas, also known as multiple antennas, adaptive array antennas, and so on is used to increase the efficiency in digital wireless communication systems. It works by taking the advantage of the diversity effect...
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RedTacton Technology

john October 19, 2011 19 Comments
RedTacton Technology This detailed article on Red Tacton technology is developed by our team for students as a Seminar topic for their academic needs. We have referenced various research papers,reports and other documentations for developing this article. We have...
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Photonic Integrated Circuit

john February 24, 2011 5 Comments
Photonic Integrated Circuit Technology Photonic Integrated Circuit (also known as PIC), is a complex integrated circuit which incorporates a lot of optical devices to form a single photonic circuit. The main difference between a PIC and an Electronic IC...
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Working of 3-D TV

john October 19, 2011 5 Comments
3-D Technology Television has been one of the biggest entertainments since its invention. From its evolution in black and white format, the television technology has later developed to bring colour visuals in CRT displays and later LCD, LED and...
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Basic Soldering Tips

john October 19, 2011 14 Comments
Almost all the electronic circuits mentioned in this site are designed and built on a PCB board. But you cannot build these electronic circuits if you do not know the basics of soldering.  If you do not know to...
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