Working of Fingerprint Scanner

john November 15, 2011 9 Comments
For the past few years fingerprint scanners were considered to be a very costly and high end technology. We have seen it only in thriller and sci-fi movies. But now, these devices have been popping up in almost all...
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Touch Screen Technology – Working

john July 25, 2011 2 Comments
  Nowadays, there are a lot of touch screen monitors available in the market. They are made available in displays for computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones and video games. A touch screen contains a visual display area which...
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Workng of Organic LED (OLED)

john September 28, 2016 5 Comments
Have you ever thought of having a high-definition TV that is bigger than your usual LCD display, and that consumes only half the power of an ordinary one? What if you could easily roll the TV and pack it...
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Working of Speakers

john July 25, 2011 4 Comments
We have always shown keen interest in buying the best electronic stuffs like CD’s, tapes and also computers. No one has bothered much to know about the quality of the speakers that bring the ultimate output. Even if any...
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Working of a Capacitor

john October 25, 2013 12 Comments
Definition A capacitor is an electronic device that is used to store electrical energy. They are only used to store the electrons and they are not capable of producing them. Invention of the Capacitor There are many stories behind...
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Voltage Regulators

john August 9, 2018 8 Comments
A voltage regulator is designed to automatically ‘regulate’ voltage level. It basically steps down the input voltage to the desired level and keeps that in that same level during the supply. This makes sure that even when a load...
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Regulated Power Supply

john August 13, 2018 23 Comments
INTRODUCTION Almost all basic household electronic circuits need an unregulated AC to be converted to constant DC, in order to operate the electronic device. All devices will have a certain power supply limit and the electronic circuits inside these...
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PLL-Phase Locked Loops

jojo January 23, 2018 9 Comments
Phase Locked Loops (PLL) Introduction to PLL The concept of Phase Locked Loops (PLL) first emerged in the early 1930’s.But the technology was not developed as it now, the cost factor for developing this technology was very high. Since...
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Op Amps-Operational Amplifiers

jojo February 17, 2014 3 Comments
Introduction to Operational Amplifiers In this post, the basics of an operational amplifier (generally abbreviated as op-amp) will be analysed along with its block diagram, basic structure, symbol, types and a detailed explanation of the typical op-amp. What is...
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Programmable UJT

jojo February 5, 2014 8 Comments
Programmable UJT (PUT). Programmable unijunction transistor or PUT is a close relative of the thyristor family. Its has a four layered construction just like the thyristors and have three terminals named anode(A), cathode(K) and gate(G) again like the thyristors....
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