12V to 24V DC DC converter

admin March 3, 2011 10 Comments
12V to 24V converter. Description. There are many instances where we require 24V DC from a 12V source. I also once faced a situation like this when I decided to fit a small transistorised stereo amplifier which operated from...
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6 to 15V DC to DC converter

admin February 23, 2011 21 Comments
6 to 15V DC to DC converter using LM2585 Description. A very efficient 6V to 15V DC to DC converter using LM2585 is shown here. LM2585 is a monolithic integrated voltage converter IC that can be used in various applications...
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12V to 120V DC DC converter

admin February 17, 2011 13 Comments
Description. A simple 12V to 120V DC DC converter circuit is shown here. The circuit consists of two stages firstly a basic inverter stage and then a rectifier plus filter stage. IC1 NE555 is wired as an astable multivibrator...
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5V boost converter

admin February 17, 2011 5 Comments
5V Boost Converter circuit . Description. A simple 5V boost converter using LTC3440 is shown here. LTC3440 is a highly efficient DC to DC converter that can be operated from input voltages below, above or equal to the output...
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Buck boost converter circuit

admin February 10, 2011 9 Comments
Buck Boost converter circuit using LTC3440 Description. A very efficient buck boost converter circuit is shown here. The circuit is based on the LTC3440 buck boost regulator IC from Linear Technology. The LTC3440 requires only one inductor and provides...
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Step up voltage converter

admin February 11, 2011 8 Comments
DC Step Up Voltage Converter Description. A simple DC to DC step up  voltage converter using LM2700 is shown here. LM2700 is a step up switching converter that has a 3.6A, 80 M ohm internal switch. It can be...
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12Volt from USB port

admin February 23, 2011 10 Comments
12 volt DC Power Supply from USB port The circuit given below infact is a 5 volt to 12 volt converter. It uses the 5 Volts from USB port and converts it to 12 volts DC with the help...
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