Weller WLC 100 temperature controlled soldering station

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Weller WLC 100 Soldering Station.

The Weller WLC 100 soldering station is designed with electronics hobbyists in mind. The package includes a light weight pencil, soldering iron, power control module and a spring type soldering iron holder. The light weight pencil iron has an ST3 iron plated copper tip. The cushioned grip makes it very comfortable to work. The heating element is replaceable. With the help of the variable power control module, you can adjust the power from 5 to 40 watts by turning the power control knob. The variable power control module also includes a power ON/OFF switch and a power ON indicatorlight. The power control module has a solid iron base which makes it very easy to organize your workspace. A natural sponge pad for cleaning the tip is also available with the package.

Technical Details.

Power – 5 to 40W adjustable.
Tip – 1/8 inch ST3 iron plated copper tip, pre-tinned with tin/lead solder.
Grip – Cushioned foam grip.
Heating Element – Replaceable Nichrome element.

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  • seetharaman
    October 21, 2011

    No It is meant for 120v AC ohttp://www.cooperhandtools.com/onlinecatalog/Parts_Lists/WLC100_OI_PL.pdfnly.

  • Upul
    October 20, 2011

    Could it be used with 230v AC power?

  • miloman
    October 20, 2011

    weller is the best of course, but I bought a 60watt digital from Radio shack, @ $90 out the door cause it was all that was available at the time for the price, it’s alright, but tips are hard to come by and it seems at times it has to be turned up and then turned down to get it to work.
    It has a readout temp display, but even when it says its 450 deg it has to be turned up at times just to get the tip hot and then back down to a working temp depending on the work piece. It did not do this when new, just the last yr or so.

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