When ever you need to get an alarm or intimation after ten minutes ,the circuit shown below can be used.The circuit is nothing but  a monostable multivibrator based on IC NE 555.When ever you press the reset push button the green LED D1 glows after 10 minutes.

Circuit diagram with Parts list.



  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB or common board.
  • The time duration can be set by varying the POT R5.
  • The switch S1 can be a push button switch.
  • The IC1 must be mounted on an IC base.


  1. Hi I have used 100 micro farad Capacitor and removed potentiometer?
    Will it work?
    How to reduce its time to 1 minute.
    Please reply soon!!


    I need a timer circuit that counts DOWN from 10,,9,,8,,7,,6, …….0 then a siren or a recorded audio plays out and it starts all over again, DISPLAY should be as big as possible about 24 inch/2 feet. What is the BEST and quickest/easiest way to achieve this?

  3. Satish Jadhav

    Sir, I want Electronic Circuit for continuous time delay buzzer ringing every 2 minutes or 3 minutes with volume control.

  4. Kunhikrishnan kt

    who help me to findout integrated circuit (ic) 8021-2 pls get me the address/phone number

  5. pls u did no iclude a buzzer to sound when the time duration has end and i did not understand the meaning of 2.2M please reply me

  6. Kaushal Yadav

    if i change the value like R1=9.5k ohm, R4=2.15M ohm, C1=3.3 micro farad, C2=100 micro farad and other all values remain same then after what time diode D1 will glows and in output what will be come?

  7. when ever i put the supply the led 1 glow but when i press the push botton it goes off and when i leave it,it goes on again.please help me.send ur message to my

  8. Seetharaman

    Hi Ravi refer to NE555 datasheet. the curve required by you is available in that.


    hi seetharaman can u please tell me what are formulas for R4 R5 C2 for different timings calculation

  10. seetharaman

    Hi Ravi yes no change is required for them. The timing components are R4, R5 and C2.


    thank u seetharam is the other values c1 r1 r2 r3 b1 are same as in the ciruit

  12. Seetharaman

    Hi Ravi replace C2 with 47uF. replace R4 with 22k and R5 as 100K pot. calculated value for C2 is 47uF and R4+R5 is approx 100K.



  14. Seetharaman

    Hi Srikanth calibrate the dial of potentiometer R5 practically and use it for setting. this ic has normally got a good reliability.

  15. Thanks, its good circuit & very simple to design.

    If i set the timer to 5 minutes delay then a push button is pressed.
    can the timer intimate me after 5 minutes with Led D1 indication.

  16. Seetharaman

    Hi Brian S1 is a push to on and release to off switch (bell push) With the first negative pulse IC pin 3 will go low, hence LED D2 Red should come on after ten minutes D1 green should come on and Red should go off. Please check.

  17. Nevermind – I forgot an important connection – I did not bring power to the 555 via pin 8. The red lights and the green LED goes out. I’m sure in ~10 minutes the green will light.

  18. Old post but, The schematic doesn’t work —- There is a direct connection from positive to ground with resistors and LEDs connected. The LEDs light without any IC involvement.

    I don’t know how to correct for applicaton.

  19. pls provide list of values of components for different time durations. i want to set the timer about 2-3 hours.

  20. hi, i want to set the time about 2-3 hours. which values should i select. and if possible, pls provide list of values of components for different time durations.

  21. seetharaman

    Hi Suzaku the output of the IC NE555 will be going between high and low hence the LEDs will alternate if their polarities are connected correctly.

  22. hi
    if you cant get turnit on the green led i suggest check the polarity anode cathode


  23. this circuit is fake it cannot trigger the green led

  24. seetharaman

    Hi Syed you can use the above circuit with 12 volts and connect the relay between 555 Pin no3 and positive supply.. it will switch on after the delay time.

  25. HelloSir, I got a small problem in form of a circuit that can control
    a relay by a signal (12V)so it can be adjusted just like your circuit.
    What i need is a circuit so i can adjust relay on time
    around 1 – 20 min for example after been triggered.
    If you could help me i would be very greatful

    Best Regards

  26. Hello sir,
    could you please guide me what modifications has to be done if have to replace the switch by an IR detector. Which IR sensor i must use for this purpose

  27. Seetharaman

    Hi pritam as per manufacturers data the nomograph goes up to
    100sec with 10M with 10uf or 1M with 100uF. Beyond this it cannot be predicted. but I have tried upto 470uF and 1M with a maximum of 7 to 8mts, not beyond this. I have used tantalum capacitor and metal film resistance.

  28. Sir, i want to know what is the maximum delay i can make using the 555 time in monostable mode.

    please inform me…

    Thank you…Pritam

  29. hi there i was wondering if i could ask for help on this 10 minute timer circuit.
    ive built the circuit 3 times now using a breadboard.
    plus 4 more times using circuit wizard. which allows you to simulate the circuit to check it before printing a circuit board.
    the red led comes on as soon as i connect the battery (9v).
    i can then press the push to make switch. but the green led does not come on at all.
    have i got the components correct.
    r1=10k r2 & r3 = 330r r4 = 2.2M
    r5 = 500k
    ic = ne555
    push to make switch.
    c1 = 0.01uf ceramic
    c2 = 150uf 100v electrolytic
    2 5mm led’s 1 red 1 green.
    these are the components im using.
    any help what so ever will be much appreciated. i really need a ten minute timer for my pcb exposure time.
    thank you so much andy—

    • Sir how can we adjust(incress or descress) the time I want to set it on 2mint

  30. can we use 7 segment display by using 555IC for 10 minute timer or do we need any other IC ? please suggest?

  31. seetharaman

    Dear Harley The maximum capacitance you can use is 470uF and resistance 2.2M. with the internal leakage of 470uF, 2.2M may not be in a position to charge the capacitor at all. hence 1M and 330uF are the practically the highest values you can use. The delay cannot be greater than 10 to 15 mts. even an hr delay is not possible.
    you may use this as a low frequency astable and use mutistage deviders to achieve the required time delay.

  32. dear people

    guys i would like to change it for 5hrs timer and trigger device with alarm. what i would change?
    for watchdog purposes.

  33. Kjell Jonsson

    Dear Johnson,
    I got a small problem in form of a circuit that can control
    a relay by a signal (12V)so it can be adjusted just like your circuit.
    What i need is a circuit so i can adjust relay on time
    around 1 – 20 min for example after been triggered.
    If you could help me i would be very greatful

    Best Regards

  34. that timer is very good. i use it as washing machine timer. thank you!

  35. Seetharaman

    Dear Johnson you can replace the LED with an electronic music generators (similar to car reverse horn). It is a two lead device with built in ceramic sounder and the required electronics to produce beeps or continuous tone etc. this device can operate from 3 to 15 volt with the out put sound level varying. Delete R3. Wishing you Happy construction and enjoyment.

  36. Can this circuit be automaticly reset by running a secondary wire to the reset leg?

  37. Can the resistor R5 be adjust to varies the timer duration?

  38. Dale Laron

    Can i change the time from 10 minutes to 59 minutes. I want to use this to automate the buzzer in every 59minutes it will automatically buzz …Please send me reply on my email .. tnx

  39. coffeeholic

    can you give me a layout sample of this diagram??

  40. can i use a IC LM 555 in this diagram showed?

    or can i use any IC LM in the other diagram?

    thank you!!!!!!

    • you can use LM555 instead of NE555.
      LM555 is a direct replacement for NE555 and SE555 timers.
      Just have a look at the datasheets of these ICs.You will understand it.

  41. twits4twats

    Siri Johnsen
    Can the D1 LED be replaced with a buzzer?

    Yes it can provided you have used a NE555 chip. If you haven’t used a NE555 then if it doesn’t work its most likely the 555 can’t handle the current.A transistor would then be required as well.
    Most buzzers come with a rated voltage and current. The voltage isn’t too serious as most buzzers will operate from 1.5V – 20V even if it says 5V(depending on manufacturer). If it’s a 5V buzzer it should work just as well off of 9V as off 5V.
    The chances are good that it would draw about 10-15mA when fully switched on.
    For convenience sake I would leave R2 at 330 ohm’s but 500ohms would be closer to the mark.