Here is the circuit diagram of a 10W audio amplifier using the popular TDA2003 IC from SGS Thomson. The IC can easily deliver 10W to a 4 Ohms load at 18V DC supply voltage. The IC can be also operated from 12V and that makes it applicable in car audio systems. The useful features of TDA2003 include short circuit protection between all pins, thermal overload protection, low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion etc.

The circuit given here is designed as per the datasheet from the manufacturer and found to be working fine. Capacitor C7 performs the job of input DC decoupling.R2 and R3 is used to set the gain of the amplifier.C3 and R1 determines the upper cut off frequency.C6 and R4 and meant for increasing stability at high frequencies. Capacitor C5 couples the output to the speaker.

TDA2003 10W amplifier – Circuit diagram with Parts list



  • It is better to use a PCB for assembling this circuit.
  • PCB layout for this circuit can be found on the datasheet of TDA2003.
  • Use 18V DC for powering this circuit.
  • Input ground and output ground must be properly decoupled.
  • Speaker K1 can be a 4 ohm one.
  • TDA2003 must be fitted with a heat sink.

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  1. vedant panesar

    hi do i need a preamp for this circuit as i built one but no output is coming only humming

  2. seetharaman

    hi seetharaman, i want a simple circuit diagram of loud mini amplifier speaker please

  3. Seetharaman, i did not see 39nf capacitor in my area, which other capacitor can replace 39nf

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Rex you can use 33nF with 47 ohms or 47nF with 33 ohms. which are standard components.

  4. Seetharaman, please give us the tone control circuit for this Amplifeir

  5. Seetharaman, what Class does this amplifeir belong?

    • Seetharaman

      hi Rex it is class AB amplifier as standing current is around 60mA

  6. Seetharaman, give us the “BRIDGE AMPLIFEIR CIRCUIT” using two of this IC, TDA2003 as bridge amplifeir to get One output.

  7. Seetharaman, please give us the BRIDGE CIRCUIT of this AMPLIFEIR


  9. WOW! Your circuit works great. It works perfectly but I have a problem on how to control it’s volume. So, can you please add a potentiometer?

  10. chanderjeet

    What is the voltage rating of all the capacitors?

  11. nitin raj shukla

    i want to know about internal structure of tda2003

  12. sugiman/the-g-man

    yaps thanks a lots,, ok, i’ll search the scheme by my self. thanks

  13. seetharaman

    Hi Sugiman use TDA2822M a 8pin IC the best choice for your requirement. it is stereo can work down to 1.8 volts and maximum up to 15volts.

  14. sugiman/the-g-man

    at the real. i just want to build a mini music box like music angel. which the feature are, with 3.7v LiIon batt use nokia charger, 2 spk, power amp 2×3 watt st, play mp3 from MicroSD or USB flashdisc, and including a fm radio. the question, how can i build it with lower cost money? if Music Angel cost rate Rp 150.000, i want the ceaper then. thanks for help.

  15. sugiman/the-g-man

    ya ya ya
    but, still but here. but i need a small size, just 3″ diameter, and 17cm long. it was fully with a battery, 2 elco, and the power amp. i was try with 9v batt, but still same. ok,if i use 3 batt of 4v, now my charger just 7v. how again? thanks

  16. seetharaman

    Hi Sugiman the recommended operating voltage for 10watts power into 2 ohms speaker is 14.4volt DC. A minimum of 8volts is the amplifiers requirement. Use 3nos 4 volt 1 amp batteries in series as the power supply with 2200uF as decoupling capacitor. with 4 ohms speaker the output power will be around 5watts. you can use a dual cone elliptical speaker with a power handling capacity of 6watts at 4 ohms.

  17. sugiman/the-g-man

    please help. i was make an amplifier with tda 2003, but for suply the energy, i use 4v/1A battery. the sound too much noise & cracked, if volume too max. i was try use C 4700uF/25v 2x on the suply, but it just get a few change. please tell me, how i increase it for a good sound & small size. i use 3″ spk. thanks