19 Watts Simple Amplifier Circuit

This is a 19-watt simple amplifier circuit diagram using IC LA4440 from Sanyo. It uses very fewer components other than the IC LA4440. A very high-quality circuit with respect to its cost and ideal for beginners.

Here IC LA 4440 is wired as a bridge amplifier to deliver a 19 W RMS on a 4 Ohm speaker. The IC has built-in thermal, over-voltage and short circuit protection. The IC also incorporates an audio muting function, but that is not used here.


  • Use a 12 V DC power supply able to deliver at least 3A current. IC can withstand up to 25 volts, but I prefer it should not be anything more than 16V.
  • Don’t forget to fit a proper heat sink with IC.
  • Assemble the board on a good quality PCB. Carefully understand the specifications of LA 4440 given below before proceeding
  • Use a 4 Ohm speaker as a load. 8 Ohm speaker can also be used but the power output will drop to half (9.5 W) .
  • For stereo assemble two copies of the amplifier given here.

19 Watt Amplifier Circuit Diagram.

19 watt amplifier circuit

Specification LA 4440 IC

LA 4440 IC Configuration



  1. I use 18v of power supply. Instead of 12 v. And its better working.
    But 4ohm speaker can’t good performance, but 6ohm speaker doing better

  2. Rajib Das

    I have a 4440 double ic board it was working fine but one day it stop working when I connect power supply to the board the supply wire get hot please tell me the solution of the problem.

  3. Nice information.
    Any other IC instead of LA 4440.

  4. I have connected 4 speakers in series and parallel to terminate as 4 Ohms to output of amplifier,but IC fails frequently.
    please guide

  5. axay indu

    when audio amplifier ic(cd4440) & heatsink is heated what is reason & output sound not proper ?

  6. my 4440 ic amplifier starts humming after 30 min of continous using, what is the reason for that???????

  7. i have 4440 double ic audio amplifier ,please tell me suitable speaker and its specification to obtain clear and explosive sound

    • Hareshkumar

      i have 4440 double ic audio amplifier ,please tell me suitable speaker and its specification to obtain clear and explosive sound

  8. I have la4400 circuit what transformer it require for input power.
    please specify me that are there any connection wire for bass in la4440 and i will connect 2 woofer speakers as 80w with 8″,let me know if I am wrong that at first i need a transformer to connect to la4440,where to connect the volume,bass connection.
    here we have mac 8″ can i use.

    what type of woofer I must use name please.

  9. myself jerin and i’m from kerala india could you help me with a problem. i’m trying to use a sanyo LA4440 based chip amp extracted from a car stereo to power up the center and subwoofer channel from my pc. my power supply is 6v-0-6v transformer with 3a bridge rectifier module i’m using stereo headset pin to take input from the sound card and i’m giving the inputs directly to the input pins of ic .my problem is that when i connect the speakers i get loud humming but when i touch the ground of the circuit the hum dissappear can you tell me what is wrong with my setup. i think u have schematics of the IC mentioned my sound card is onboard realtek supporting 5.1

    • Deepesh kumar

      Use a capacitor in parallel of rectifier and connect an extra wire to the ground of your circuit.

  10. Thanx admin but i didn’t get the answer of my 2nd question.two identical bridge circuit(la4440) in parallel will give 19+19=38 watts on 4ohm speaker?.

  11. 1.how can i get 19 watt on 8ohm speaker?
    2.i want to use 2 identical bridge circuit in parallel which will give 19+19=38 watts please help.

    • admin

      this circuit cannot deliver 19W to a 8 Ohm speaker.Its max capacity is 19W into a 4 Ohm speaker. If you connect an 8 Ohm speaker to this amp its output will be reduced to 9.5Watts.