60 watt amplifier STK4038.

STK4038 is an integrated AF power amplifier that can deliver 60 watts of output power into a 4 ohm load. The internal fixed current circuitry reduces switch ON/OFF clicks. The IC supports the addition of external circuits for thermal shutdown, pop noise reduction, output short circuit protection etc.


The 60 watt amplifier shown below is designed based on the datasheet and performs very well. Capacitor C1 is the input DC decoupling capacitor which blocks any DC level present in the audio input and C12 is the input by-pass capacitor. R1 is the input resistor.C10 and C8 are the ripple filter capacitors for the positive and negative power supply rails. R9 and R7 are the current limiting resistors for the internal driver stage while C11 and C3 are their corresponding filter capacitors. Resistor R6 feeds back a portion of the output signal to the inverting input (pin2). Gain of the amplifier depends on the value of R6. C9 and R2 forms a Zobel network which improves the high frequency stability of the amplifier.

Circuit diagram.

60W amplifier
60 watt amplifier circuit


  • A good quality PCB improves the performance of the circuit.
  • Maximum supply voltage for STK4038 is +/- 57V DC.
  • K1 is a 4 ohm / 75 watt loud speaker.
  • While using 4 ohm speaker as the load, the power supply must not exceed +/- 32V DC.


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  3. Ed Lipton

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