Here is the circuit diagram of a 6W amplifier using the TA7222AP from Toshiba.TA7222AP is an excellent integrated audio amplifier which can deliver 5.8W to a 4 Ohms load at 12V supply voltage. The IC has very good features like, muting function, low distortion, high ripple rejection, short circuit protection, thermal shut down etc. This amplifier can be operated from 8 to 12V and this makes it ideal for car radio applications.

Circuit diagram.



  • The circuit can be assembled on a Vero board.
  • Use 12V DC for powering the circuit.
  • The IC must be heatsinked.
  • Speaker can be a 4 ohms one.
  • For optimum performance input and output must be separately grounded.


  1. I have built this amplifier on my bread board…my questions are these: Will this circuit support an 8 ohm speaker? What kind of INPUT does this circuit need? Does this Amp need a pre-amp. My objective is to connect a 12vdc intercom phone system to this amp. I know, directly, as I have it now, will not work. The input phone line is 12VDC going in to this amp. I have nothing! Another question, the potentiometer (The volume control?) can go either way positive to negative of negative to positive pending on which goes to ground…I guess. Center is signal? Yeah, I a bit lost here. Anyone with a idea…help

  2. This IC was commonly used as the audio amp in many CBs.

  3. The Ta7222 can power a 2ohm load safely, but don’t use more than 14 volts supply. You can use up to 18V with a 4 ohm or higher load. A 2 ohm load would need 1500mF or more output cap (C6) to deliver full bass. A 2 ohm load would also require 1.5 amps from your power supply per amp IC.

  4. Seetharaman

    Hi Steven there is no pin compatible equivalent for TA7222AP

  5. is there any equivalent for TA7222AP??can you give all the equivalent IC..thanks in advance…

  6. Seetharaman

    If the out put voltage from the amplifier is say V then the power output is V² / Z (speaker impedance). If the impedance decreases the current through the load increases, hence the output stage of the amplifier must be capable of this requirement if not the output component may get burnt. If the impedance increased the out put power will get reduced but no damage to the equipment. Use only the range of recommended speakers only by the manufacturer/ designer

  7. Faisal Wahab

    Sir i have to ask that can we use a Speaker of 8 ohm rather than 4 ohm???
    and secondly is there any effect on the circuit by using a low or high ohm’s speaker at the output??

    Kindly let me know..

    • You can use an 8 ohm speaker, but the output power will be reduced by around half.

  8. John Dunkley

    This is a GREAT service you are providing.

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