This article is a compilation of all 8051 based Electronic Projects and Circuits we have developed at CircuitsToday till date. We have one of the biggest collection of 8051 based Projects – which range from very Advanced one’s like Electronic Voting Machine, Heart Rate Monitor, RFID based Access Control (and a lot more) to Medium Level and Easy one’s like Water Level Controller, Solar Panel Tracker, Ultrasonic Range Finder etc.

Let’s classify projects into three categories: Advanced, Medium Level and Easy. Advanced projects are rich with features and are very good to use for Main Project Work fulfillment of Engineering & Diploma courses. Medium Level and Easy projects are good for learning purpose and are good for Mini Project Work fulfillment of Engineering and Diploma courses.

Advanced Projects using 8051 Microcontroller 

So let’s begin with a list of Advanced Project Kits using 8051 Microcontroller. Advanced projects are feature rich, full of functions and are an ideal choice for Main Project Work fulfilment of Engineering Level and Diploma courses. Advanced Level projects always find great application and usefulness in real-world. Advanced Projects helps an Engineering Student to learn how to build a real-world application or to solve a real-world problem.

1. Electronic Voting Machine using 8051 – is a very interesting real-world application designed as a project kit. This project kit is an exact model of Electronic Voting Machines used for conducting Elections all over the world. Just like real world elections are conducted; there is a presiding officer control to regulate voting process. The presiding officer control is setup using 3 keys where the first key is to start voting process, 2nd key is to activate ballot unit for voting and 3rd key is to stop voting process and start counting. Upto 8 candidates can be setup in the voting machine as contestants. A 32KB memory unit is provided to store each candidates vote count. The voting machine is equipped with memory lock facility that if some one steals the machine and installs a new memory (with preloaded values of voting), the machine will not accept the new memory and displays an error message accordingly.

2. RFID Based Access Control System – is a very useful project making use of RFID Reader, RFID Tags and Serial Communication of 8051. We all have seen RFID based Access Control devices in hospitals, banks, IT parks, Software Companies and in many other buildings. This project is a model of real-world RFID based Access control devices. In this project kit, we store the unique RFID Tags of employees or other personnel inside the program memory of 8051 microcontroller. When an employee with the right RFID Tag swipes his/her tag near the RFID Reader, access will be granted. Otherwise, access will be denied by the system

3. Heart Rate Monitor using 8051 – is a very useful health/medical application project kit. This project kit is a model of Heart Rate Measuring devices we see in hospitals, especially inside ICU (Intensive Care Units). Heart Rate Monitor project kit is designed on the principle of Photoplethysmography (which is the process of optically estimating volumetric measurement of an organ). The device senses the heart rate from the finger tip using IR reflection method and displays it on a 16×2 LCD display in beats per minute. This project kit is very unique and is ideal for students taking Bio Medical courses like Bio Medical Engineering.

4. Digital Tachometer using 8051 –  This project kit is a digital tachometer which can be used to measure the revolutions per minute (RPM) of any object like a rotating wheel or a disc or a shaft. We have seen tachometers in our bikes, cars, engines and many such devices. This application built using 8051 micro controller can measure upto 255 revolutions/second with an accuracy of 1 rev/sec. The project kit has 3 important sections – 1) the optical pickup designed to pick revolutions of the object using a phototransistor and LED, 2)  the processing stage designed using 8051 and the associated software, 3)  the output display section using 16×2 LCD display and the relay to actuate an output action.

5. Automatic Plant Watering System – is an interesting project for hobbyists and academics alike. In this tuotorial, we explain how to make a DIY automatic plant watering system using YL69 moisture sensor probe, YL38 comparator module and 8051 microcontroller.

Medium Level Projects using 8051 Micro Controller 

Medium level projects are ideal choices for Mini Project Work fulfilment of Engineering and Diploma course students. Medium level projects offer a good learning experience and are cornerstones to successfully building a Main Project Work. Like Advanced projects, Medium level projects also feature rich and functional real-world applications. The only difference between them is that Medium Level Projects can be understood/implemented in lesser time compared to Advanced Level projects.

1. Ultrasonic Range Finder using 8051 – This project as the name says, is an application to measure the distance of an object from the range finder device. The project kit makes use of an ultrasonic transducer module HC-SR04 to measure the distance. This project kit can be enhanced to make applications like Automotive Parking System, Obstacle Warning Systems, Terrain Monitoring Robots, Obstacle Avoidance Robots etc. This ultrasonic range finder can measure distances upto 2.5 meters with an accuracy of 1 cm.

2. Solar Panel/Sun Tracker using 8051 – is a very useful real-world project which is relevant in our times. The objective of this project kit is to track direction of Sun and turn the solar panel accordingly where maximum light is incident on the panel. This project kit makes use of an LDR pair to track sunlight and solar panel is moved in steps using a stepper motor.The 16×2 LCD displays direction of motor rotation as motor rotating left or right. This project kit is an ideal setup to ensure maximum efficiency from a solar panel unit.

3. Water Level Controller using 8051 –  This is one of the most popular projects we have developed using 8051 microcontroller. This water level controller monitors the level of the overhead tank and automatically switches on the water pump whenever the level goes below a preset limit. The level of the overhead tank is displayed on the 16×2 LCD module and the pump is switched OFF when the overhead tank is filled.  We have given an illustrated circuit diagram with working explained in detail.

4. Gas Leakage Detector using 8051 – is an interesting project which finds real-world application in home kitchens, hotels and other places where gas leakage is a common issue. This project kit is designed using MQ2 gas sensor which senses any type of LPG. When LPG leaks, the MQ2 gas sensor will be activated. 8051 controller in the project kit identifies this and actuates the shutdown mechanism by turning output relay ON. The 16×2 LCD displays messages when a gas leak is detected. This project is very useful in realworld and it saves lives.

5. Password Based Home Security System – is a real-world application very similar to RFID based Access Control System. In this project kit, we use a 4×4 keyboard for checking security access instead of RFID reader and tag. A password is preset and stored in the program memory of 8051 microcontroller. When a user/employee inputs the correct password and hits Lock/Unlock key access will be granted. If the user inputs a wrong password and hits Lock/Unlock key, access will be denied. A solenoid lock can be connected to the output relay to automatically open/close the door.Status messages are displayed on 16×2 LCD display.

6. RC5 Remote Control Decoder – is an interesting project which can be used to decode signals from an RC5 remote controller. We all have used remote controllers for our TV’s, Air Conditioners and a lot of other devices. Have you ever wondered what kind of signal a remote sends when you press the volume+/- button or channel+/- button or a menu button? This project exactly decodes each button press of an RC5 remote control and displays them as a message on 16×2 LCD display. This project kit can be enhanced to make remote control activated devices or applications.

7. Line Follower Robot using 8051 is perhaps the most popular mini project work of all times! Be an Engineering student or not, a Line Follower Robot attracts everyone irrespective of age and knowledge. Our line follower robot follows the black line perfectly (draw as many complex circuits as possible and it will follow!) irrespective of the black line circuit complexity! The pickup is designed using an LED/LDR pair on Left and Right side of the Line Follower Robot.

8. PC Based Notice Board using 8051 – is an interesting project kit to demonstrate communication between a personal computer and an external device. This project makes use of serial communication. Whatever message you send through the RS232 serial port of personal computer will be collected by the 8051 controller and displayed on 16×2 LCD module.

9. Frequency Meter using 8051 – is an interesting academic level project where you can measure and display frequencies. The project kit has a set of shield wires which when connected to a frequency generator displays the measured frequency on 16×2 LCD display. Any frequency up to 40Khz can be measured using this frequency counter project kit.

Voltmeter using 8051    – We all must have used a multimeter from our young days. Have you ever bothered to create one? So here is one such an interesting project. A Voltmeter using an 8051 microcontroller. Even though its quite simple and an easy to make one, you shall find it really interesting. This can be used as an application at the mini project level for engineering and diploma students. This digital voltmeter can measure 0 to 5 volts and has a sensitivity of  200mV which is a bit low but this project is meant for demonstrating how an ADC and seven segment display can be interfaced to 8051 to obtain a digital readout of the input voltage. ADC0804 is the ADC and AT89S51 is the controller used in this project.

Thermometer using 8051 – This is an interesting project designed to measure temperature using 8051. Its a simple 0-100°C digital thermometer with 1°C resolution using 8051. The circuit is based on LM35 analog temperature sensor, ADC0804 and AT89S51 microcontroller. LM35 is an analogue temperature sensor IC which can measure a temperature range of -55 to 150°C. Its output voltage varies 10mV per °C change in temperature.

Knowledge Resources:- The articles below given are basics on how to work with an 8051 microcontroller. You can refer them if you come across a roadblock anywhere!

1. Interfacing 7 segment display to 8051 – A good tutorial on interfacing 7 segment display to an 8051 microcontroller.

2. Interfacing LCD display to 8051 – Explains how to interface a 16×2 LCD display with an 8051 microcontroller.

3. Interfacing DC motor to 8051 – Explains how to interface a DC motor with an 8051 microcontroller.

4. Interfacing push button switch to 8051 – Interfacing LED & Push button switch to an 8051 microcontroller.

5. Interfacing ADC to 8051 – This article gives you a good detail on how to interface ADC to an 8051 microcontroller. ADC 0804 is used to explain the interfacing procedure with an example software routine.



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