You like our awesome website -right 😉 Maybe that’s why you are curious to know more about us! Okay! Let’s come to the point. Our officially registered name is CircuitsToday Electronic Solutions – which is registered as a firm under the Registrar of Firms in India. You might already know that we are providing awesome and useful content in the Electronics Engineering niche through our website CircuitsToday.com!

We have started this website as a fun project to share our knowledge of electronics. We launched this in 2008, while we all were still students of Electronics Engineering. Years have passed since then and we are still able to maintain this website in a very decent way.

For any communications, you can contact us on info@circuitstoday.com

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  1. Gurupreet Singh Chagger

    I want a circuit for conversion of 24 to 120V AC or 24V to 220V AC to 12V stable power output to light 16 leds in parallel and with same brightness even if the voltage fluctuates. The dealer who gives me the circuit rubs of the name of the ic so that i cant make out on my own. Please help me out with this.

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