Hello Readers and Friends of CircuitsToday,

First of all we wish you a very happy new year. Let 2011 be your dream year, which cherishes all your beautiful dreams.

We have been conducting a contest till December 24th, hope you all came to knew about it. The contest was –  Suggest a Topic Idea to Publish on CircuitsToday” – and we are really grateful to all our readers for making this contest a great success. We recieved over 214 comments and it’s one of the best contest happened so far in terms of participation. Anyone could have commented there a topic idea and entered the contest. There was only one Prize and it was an 8GB Pen Drive to one lucky participant. As promised we are announcing the winner now. Before that I will explain you how we selected the winner.

Selection Process:

It was an amazingly successful contest ever happened in an electronics website when accounted on the basis of participation. We got 214 topic ideas to publish within the contest period. Many of them were really useful suggestions and we already made a suggestion up in our website; i.e about Maglev Trains. Thanks for the suggestion Mr.Faraz.

Of these 214 comments we filtered same persons who has published multiple topic ideas, to make the odds of winning the contest equal to everyone. Thus we got 192 unique persons to select from 🙂

As a next step we used service of Random.org to randomize the list we have and finally we decided to select the first person came on the output of final randomization, as the winner of contest.

Note: All the process we used to select the winner is transparent and we wish no one should raise any allegations against this.

and finally the winner is……..


C. Subramaniam

E-mail: # ceeyesem (at the rate) yahoo (dot) co (dot) in

We have sent an E-mail to Subramaniam notifying the victory. Congrats Mr.C.Subramaniam for being a part of the contest and for being lucky too.

Vote of Thanks:

We heartly thank all our readers/friends/visitors who took part in this contest, who shared and promoted this via social media like Facebook and Twitter, and shared via word of mouth. Without your enthusiastic participation this contest would never have been this much successful. When we started this contest we had an expectation of around 100+ comments but we got just the double. This amazing co-operation will be an inspiration for us in future to execute more contests.

We shall update this article later after handing over the prize to Mr.C.Subramaniam 🙂

Please share your congratulations to Mr.Subramaniam via our comments section.