Best 4 soldering kits we selected-Detailed Review

Given below are the best soldering kits to buy in India.

1. AmiciKart’s 60W Soldering Iron Kit

If you’re looking for a powerful soldering iron toolset with adjustable temperature control features- Amicikart’s 60W soldering iron kit can be your best bet. The iron is small, compact, lightweight and perfectly suitable for your day-to-day operations. And that’s not all! It also features a super long, 1.5 meter power cable that has an ergonomic 13 cm handle. The handle offers decent grip and lets you get your job done faster.  When you start using the product, you’ll love the ultra-fast heating system that can charge stuff up to 60W within a couple of seconds.

The kit comes with a de-soldering pump, a soldering wire of 60/40 inches (weighing around 20 gms), a stand for the soldering iron and a pair of tweezers. You’ll also find bits available in multiple shapes that are designed to make your soldering operations easier. The overall package is an excellent one, and going by its features and tweaks- the product is definitely worth your money.


  • Temperature can be easily adjusted between 200-450 degrees.
  • Comes with a pre-defined dial on the handle which makes it easier to adjust temperature.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • The power cable has decent length and the handle offers comfortable grip.
  • Comes with a de-soldering pump, a wire for soldering, an iron stand and a pair of tweezers.


  • The pins might burn off faster than you’d expect.

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2. Thermisto Electric Soldering Iron Kit

The Thermisto Electric Soldering Iron Kit is an excellent device that ensures super-fast operations. Available at a power function of 25 Watts, this kit is ideal for low to medium level soldering. You can easily conduct your small PCB works with this kit. Although the iron isn’t backed by temperature control features, the kit comes with quite a few handy tools, like a soldering wire, wax, device for holding the soldering iron, equipment for stripping wire, pump for de-soldering, tweezers, and de-solwick. You’ll also find quite a few pointed bits that’ll simplify your soldering operations.

While the kit does come with quite a few features, we loved the chrome and powder coated soldering stand. This stand is not just powerful, but it also looks great. The product also comes with a 30-day warranty. This means, you can always get back to the manufacturer if you’re dissatisfied with its performance. The overall features are pretty decent, and going by its efficiency- we’d definitely recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a high-quality soldering kit.


  • 25W power helps you with small to moderate soldering jobs.
  • Comes with a thirty day guarantee.
  • Features every additional tool that you’d need.
  • Comes with an extra pointed bit.
  • Soldering stand is pretty sleek.


  • Certain users experienced minor issues as the kit doesn’t come with soldering paste.

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3. Soldron 25 Watt Soldering Iron Kit

If you’re looking for a soldering iron kit for light to moderate soldering jobs- this 25 watt kit from Soldron is an excellent option. Being small and compact, you can always use it for intricate soldering works and since it’s easy to operate, you can get your job done in a jiffy. The kit features almost every nifty tool you’d need for your soldering operations. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual and use them accordingly.

Like most of the products listed here, this kit too comes with small tips that can be easily inserted in the iron. Being slide-on and replaceable, you can also change them as and when it is needed. The kit is backed by a 25 watt soldering iron, a small stand tool for placing the iron, a solid flux, wick for de-soldering, and soldering wire. Among these tools, the soldering stand is particularly useful since its compact, durable and lightweight. Being lightweight and handy, you can use and operate it virtually anywhere. Additionally the soldering wire too is decently long enough making it easier for you to handle your big and small operations. Overall, the features are pretty decent, and going by the tweaks and the user reviews, this kit seems to be a value for money product.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comes with a power voltage of 25 watts.
  • Backed by all the necessary tools to simplify soldering operations.
  • Soldering wire has decent length.
  • Comes with replaceable tips.
  • Heats up in as less as 5-6 minutes.


  • The durability of this iron can be worked upon.

4. 60 Watt Temperature Adjustable Welding Solder

This US plug tool set is a compact, lightweight and incredibly functional product. Having a power backup of 60 watts, you can always use it for your heavy duty industrial operations. The soldering kit is temperature adjustable, which means you can easily adjust the temperature between 200 and 450 degree Celsius according to your preference. Manufactured in Hong Kong, it is extremely durable. So you can always use this tool in any and every soldering operation.

The tool set features a soldering wire with a cable length of 105 cm and a handle of 12 cm. This handle is strong, comfortable and gives you a solid grip. Interestingly, the amazing features of this product, doesn’t end here. With a standard tip of 900 M and a power capacity of 60 W, you can easily work on heavy to moderate duty soldering jobs with this kit. The overall features are pretty decent and we were really impressed by its functionalities and performance. So if you’re looking for an easy to use and affordable soldering kit- this kit will surely live up to your expectations.


  • Temperature adjusting feature lets you tweak the temperature between 200 and 450 degree Celsius.
  • Comes with a standard tip of 900 meters.
  • Offers decent power capacity of 60 watts.
  • Manufactured in Hong Kong.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Comes with a soldering cable of 105 cm.
  • Backed by all the nifty tools that you’d need in a soldering tool kit.


  • Might take up a little time to heat up.

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What accessories does a soldering iron kit include?

Mastering the art of soldering might take you a little time, but that doesn’t mean the job is impossible. If you practice hard enough, this apparently intimidating job will be simple, hassle free and easier than ever. While it might take you a little time to work in the high heat and operate all those nifty electronics, once you get the hang of it, there’ll be nothing as satisfying as completing your soldering operations. Now, even before you start with your soldering job, it is extremely important to choose the right tool kit.

At this point, many would question the necessity of a tool kit when you can get the job done with an iron itself. But once you start working, you’ll realize that many little tools are needed to complete your soldering jobs faster. A good soldering kit includes every one of these tools, and while it does seem to take up some space, the benefits it comes with are truly remarkable. In case you’re wondering what this soldering kit includes, here’s a detailed scoop on everything you wanted to know about it.

Soldering Iron

This is the first and the most relevant tool of your soldering kit. Most of these irons come with a power capacity ranging between 25 W to 60 W. Additionally, they also have features to adjust the temperature depending on the intensity of your job.

Stand for your soldering iron

Soldering stands keep your work on board while you’re using the soldering iron. A good stand will keep the solder rolls neatly in position, while letting you use it as much/little according to your preference.

Tweezers and cutters

Most of these kits also come with tweezers and cutters that help you to move the sensitive items on your board without touching them with your hands. These tweezers work really well on batteries, diodes and resistors.

Solder Flux

This lets the solder move more comfortably while developing a stronger contact between the board and the solder. Solder fluxes are particularly useful when you’re working on surface-mount soldering operations.

De-solder braids

These braids are meat for the times when you end up making a mistake and need to fix the soldering job (de-solder) almost immediately. These braids/de-soldering pumps will immediately soak the solder n a couple of seconds. So at the end of the day, you’re left with a clean soldering station where you can work more comfortably.

Fume Extractors

They tend to reduce the strong fumes that are produced by soldering. While we’d always recommend you to solder in a proper, and well-ventilated area, for the times you can’t, these de-soldering pumps are particularly useful.

Things to look for when buying a soldering iron kit

When it comes to buying your very first soldering iron kit, things can get slightly messy due to the number of choices you’ll have. With hundreds of soldering kits from top rated brands, choosing the right product can indeed get pretty baffling. But while the situation does seem pretty grave, it isn’t really impossible. In the next section, we’ve added detailed buying guide that’ll help you choose the best soldering kit that is not only functional it is also incredibly compact and lightweight. Read on for a complete insight on everything you wanted to know about buying these kits.


While buying a soldering kit, the first thing you should consider is the accessories included in the kit. A good soldering kit comes with a workstation, a soldering stand, tweezers, de-soldering pumps and fume extractors. Each of these tools, are meant to simplify your soldering jobs. So before you splurge on these kits, make sure they have the necessary tools.

Temperature adjustability

A good quality soldering iron will always include a feature for adjusting temperature. These features range from adjusting the temperature for variable power control to a more technologically advanced thermocouple that adjusts the temperature of your soldering tips. Certain soldering irons automatically adjust the power depending on the amount of power needed for particular jobs.

Interchangeable Tips

Most of these kits also comes with an interchangeable tip. These tips, also known as bits are available in different shapes and sizes to provide added flexibility to the users. While you’ll find several tips to pick from, the best ones are made from copper, nickel and chrome.


The wattage of your iron gives the power needed for heating different objects. While excessive wattage can burn your electronic components, unusually low wattage affects the overall heating time taken by your iron. In case you’re buying the kit for DIY projects, settle for wattage between 15 and 35 W. However, if you’re looking to use these products for heavy industrial operation, try choosing the high wattage units, that ranges somewhere around 60 W.

Things to keep in mind while using your kit

  • Always keep the kit away from the reach of your kids.
  • Do not touch the element/tip if your soldering iron.
  • Try working in a spacious, properly ventilated zone.
  • Keep your work surface spick and span.
  • Turn of your iron when you’re not using it.
  • Do not try to cool your by dunking it in some cold liquid.
  • Try keeping your iron in the soldering station when you’re not using it.

Final Thoughts

Once you follow these guidelines, getting the best soldering kit will be easier than ever.



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