Multi-Channel Surround Sound Systems

Vysakh July 11, 2017 40 Comments
In this article, the working and basics of multi-channel surround sound system is explained along with images. The different types of sound systems available and other common sound formats are also explained in detail. Related Articles WORKING OF AMPLIFIERS WORKING OF SPEAKERS MOTIONAL FEEDBACK AMPLIFIER Multi-channel Audio Multi-channel audio systems are widely used in modern sound devices. The term “multi-channel audio” means that, the audio system can be capable of handling multiple audio channels (usually called audio tracks) to...
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Passive tone control circuit

admin March 10, 2011 55 Comments
Tone control circuit. This is just another circuit designed by Mr. Seetharaman Subramanian and time it is a high quality passive tone control circuit that has an overall gain of around 25 with 20dB boost and cut. This circuit needs minimum number of components, is very cost effective and most of the components required can be found from you junk box. Even though an opamp which is an active element is used in the circuit, the tone control section...
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Few Transistor amplifier circuits

admin March 14, 2011 25 Comments
This article is a list of various types of amplifier circuits built using Transistors alone.This includes a Class AB amplifier using 4 transistors, then we have a headphone amplifier circuit and finally a low power amplifier using transistor. This article is solely dedicated to publish more transistor amplifier circuits. So you may keep visiting this post in future for more updates. List of  Transistor Amplifiers 1. Class AB 4 Transistor Amplifier 2. Headphone Amplifier using Transistors 3. A Low...
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Intercom circuit

admin February 23, 2011 10 Comments
Intercom circuit with ringer Description. A simple intercom circuit designed based on transistors is shown here. This intercom circuit does not require a changeover switch and you can use it just like a telephone and a ringer circuit is also included. IC1 UM66 and transistor Q1 forms the ringer section. When pushbutton switch S1 is pressed UM66 produces a musical tone. This tone is amplified by Q1 and is coupled to the collector of Q2. Condenser Mic M1 is...
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6 watt Hi Fi audio amplifier using TDA2613

admin February 10, 2011 15 Comments
TDA2613 Hi Fi audio amplifier Description. A 6 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA2613 is shown here. TDA2613 is an integrated Hi-Fi  audio amplifier IC from Philips Semiconductors. The IC is switch ON / switch OFF click proof, short circuit proof, thermally protected and is available in 9 pin single in line plastic package. In the given circuit, TDA2613 is wired to operate from a single supply. Capacitor C4 is the input DC decoupler while capacitors C5, C6 are...
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Car stereo amplifier circuit using TDA2040

admin February 10, 2011 23 Comments
Car Audio Amplifier Circuit: Given below is a car stereo amplifier circuit using  audio amplifier IC – TDA2040 Description of the circuit: A car stereo amplifier circuit using TDA2040 is shown here. TDA2040 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier that operates in Class AB mode. The IC has built in circuitry for short circuit protection and thermal shut down and more over it can be operated from a single supply too. The amplifier can deliver 12 watts into to...
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Audio amplifier circuit using TDA2040

admin February 10, 2011 28 Comments
30 Watts Audio amplifier Circuit Description. A 30 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA2040 is shown here. TDA2040 is a Class AB monolithic integrated audio amplifier available in Pentawatt package. The IC has low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion and has a built in circuitry for short circuit protection. In the circuit two TDA2040 ICs are wired in BTL (Bridge Tied Load) configuration in order to deliver 30W output into an 8 ohm speaker at +/-16V DC supply....
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MOSFET amplifier circuit – 10 Watts

admin March 10, 2011 2 Comments
10 Watts MOSFET Amplifier Description. The diagram shown here is of a 10W MOSFET amplifier circuit that requires only a single supply. Single rail supply is seldom used in Class-B power amplifiers. Anyway, for low power applications like this it’s quite fine. Actually I got this circuit from an old cassette player that is still working and I am publishing it as it is. The powers MOSFETs BD512 and BD522 are obsolete now and so you may use any...
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Car audio amplifier using TDA2003

admin February 14, 2011 18 Comments
Car Audio Amplifier Circuit Description. A simple low power car stereo amplifier circuit based on TDA 2003 is shown here. The circuit uses cheap, readily available components and it is very easy to construct. TDA2003 is an integrated car radio amplifier from ST Micro electronics that has a lot of good features like short circuit protection for all pins, thermal over range low harmonic distortion, low cross over distortion etc. In the circuit given here each TDA2003 is wired...
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50 Watt MOSFET amplifier

admin March 10, 2011 1 Comment
A simple and easy to build 50 watt MOSFET audio amplifier circuit is shown below. The circuit uses easily available components and provides excellent sound quality .   Description: The first stage of the amplifier is a differential amplifier based on transistors Q1 and Q2. Capacitor C8 is the input DC decoupler, R1 limits input current and capacitor C1 bypasses unwanted high frequencies. The second stage is the driver stage consisting of transistors Q3 and Q4. Output stage is...
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