ISP Programmer for ATmega32 Microcontroller

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 65 Comments
So far I’ve discussed about the micro controller basics and the compiler software. I’ve yet not written anything about programming. ATmega32 series micro controllers support 3 types of programming   Parallel Programming   ISP Programming or serial Programming   Programming via JTAG Here ISP stands for In System Programmer. To burn a micro controller just the burning Hardware is not enough, it requires software also that would download the program present in a computer or memory device into the...
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AVR Studio 4 and 5-Overview for Beginners

Mathew Kevin July 10, 2017 2 Comments
For general purpose computers, programs written in one programming language can support different hardware configurations. But things are different for microcontrollers.  Each family of micro controllers have its own unique type of hardware architecture, instruction sets, register configuration and memories.                 So for each architecture of Micro controller family, there will be at least one compiler available, supporting that particular micro controller family or a couple of other families. Most of them support programming in assembly language while some of them...
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AVR Microcontroller (Atmega32) – An Introduction

Mathew Kevin August 14, 2017 12 Comments
Hi all, We are introducing you to a new author Rakesh Bute today. Rakesh is an engineering student in the stream of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation from Asansol Engineering College.  He will be writing a series of articles about AVR micro controllers, which later will be combined to form as a tutorial of the same. Introduction to ATmega32 (AVR Series) 8bit Microcontroller In our days, there have been many advancement in the field of Electronics and many cutting edge...
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