Solar Cell – Invention History & Story – From Selenium to Silicon

jojo September 20, 2013 4 Comments
Invention History of Solar Cells – From Selenium to Silicon Well, the definition of a solar cell is simple. It is a device that directly converts the energy from sunlight into electrical energy. However, its horizons are really vast. The most significant fact is that the invention of this wonderful device didn’t happen overnight. Interestingly, the concept of solar technology is nearly three millenniums old. The first use of this wonderful technology dates back to 7th Century BC. First...
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Vacuum Tube Invention History and Story behind Invention

jojo September 11, 2013 14 Comments
The story behind the invention of vacuum tube   Anything in Science has its own history and some hidden truths behind its invention. It must be fascinatingly curious for any science savvy person to know the invention story of technical tools, and other innovations of Science. This is one such write up which will help you know about the researches and the advancements in the invention of the vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube? Vacuum tubes are sealed glass tubes made...
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Integrated Circuit Invention History and Story Behind the Scenes

jojo September 6, 2013 6 Comments
Invention of Integrated circuits – Behind the scene Have you ever heard the story behind  invention of  integrated circuits or what made people work on it? Well, if your answer is ‘No’, continue reading to unveil the truth. This article takes you through the path of invention and developments of integrated circuits. What are Integrated circuits? An integrated circuit is just a small chip that performs multiple functions. It clubs together functions of many electronic components like an oscillator,...
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The Story & History of Transistor Invention

jojo September 1, 2013 55 Comments
Transistors and its path of invention We all know “transistor” is an integral part of any electronic circuit/device. It is very rare to see any circuits built without at least one transistor. This  semiconductor device is used either for switching purposes or for amplification purposes in electronic devices. They are either packed separately or found coupled to the integrated circuits.Transistors are of two types, PNP and NPN. Most commonly NPN transistors are used. In this article, lets go deep...
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The Story of PN Junction Diode

jojo August 27, 2013 10 Comments
I am really excited by the amazing comments & responses I got for my two articles on PN Junction. If you have not read them yet, here they are – 1) Understanding the PN Juction and 2) PN Junction Diode Characteristics. In those 2 articles, I have tried to demystify PN Juction and explain it in very simple words. From those good responses, I assume my attempt has been successful to some extent. In this article, my objective is...
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The story of Fibonacci series

jojo June 12, 2012 9 Comments
All of you must have heard about the term “Fibonacci series”. Many of you (including me) might have written programs in different programming languages to generate a “Fibonacci series”. It is quite interesting to see that tutorials of all programming languages would contain a problem to generate fibonacci series upto “N” terms.  Well, this made me a little curious. What is so important with this particular series? In mathematics, there may be a 100 or 1000 types of series...
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