Zero Crossing Detector

jojo March 10, 2014 8 Comments
In this article, we discuss Zero Crossing Detector in detail with two different circuits. In the initial paragraphs of the tutorial, you will learn zero crossing detector using op amp designed using the popular 741 IC. We have a neat draw circuit diagram of zero crossing detector and we have explained its working principle and theory behind the scene in easy to understand words. Towards the middle of this tutorial, you will learn about 2 applications of zero crossing...
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GTO Sawtooth Wave Generator

jojo September 17, 2009 No Comments
A simple sawtooth generator using a GTO and a Zener diode is shown in figure. When the supply is switched on, the GTO will turn on, resulting in the short-circuit equivalent from anode to cathode. As a consequence the capacitor C will begin to charge toward the supply voltage, as illustrated in figure. As the voltage across the capacitor C exceeds the Zener potential, there will be a reversal in gate-to-cathode voltage resulting in a reversal of gate current....
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Square wave generator using uA 741

admin February 20, 2014 8 Comments
Square wave generator using uA741 opamp. uA 741 opamp IC. uA 741 is a very popular monolithic opamp IC that can be used for a lot of applications. The uA741 opamp was first introduced by Signetics and now a lot of manufacturers produce them. uA741 is commonly available in an 8 pin DIP plastic package and contains a single opamp. They typical applications of uA741 are  differentiator, integrator, adder, subtractor, differential amplifier, instrumentation amplifier, small signal audio amplifier, frequency...
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