Flytrap Robots Can Hunt and Catch Bugs for Meals

john October 30, 2011 2 Comments
Flytrap Robot Researchers at the University of Maine and the Seoul National University have developed two robots that can not only hunt small bugs, but can also digest them for filling their stomach. Both the robots depict the same principle of Venus Flytraps, who snap-shuts its mouth as soon as an insect sits on its sensitive hair.   The robot developed at Maine has muscles designed for capturing its prey. They are artificial in nature and are made of...
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A Smartphone Dock Built Inside Man’s Prosthetic Arm

john October 28, 2011 2 Comments
  Trevor Prideaux, a fifty year old man from United Kingdom was born without his left forearm. Years later he was given a prosthetic arm with limited degrees of freedom. Though he got used to the idea, he was still in need of more useful resources for his prosthetic limb. With the invent of smart phones, he thought of an idea by which he could easily text, dial and also use all the applications provided by the gadget. He...
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National Ignition Facility (NIF) – World’s Biggest Laser Fusion Experiment

john October 19, 2011 1 Comment
The  National Ignition Facility (NIF) is a large internal confinement fusion (ICF) device setup at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California. Till date, it is known to be the world’s largest and most energetic laser device. It has the size of three football fields with a height of a 10 stories building. The device covers 172,800 square feet in physical size. It also has the record for being one of world’s most costly research devices with an...
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Facts about the Very Large Array

john October 17, 2011 9 Comments
Though the name sounds boring, the “Very Large Array”, abbreviated as VLA, is known to be one of the largest telescopes in the world. It is built and setup in a desert outside Magdalena, New Mexico, and covers hundreds of miles in diameter space. The whole device consists of 27 separate radio antennas. Each antenna is 82 feet in diameter and weighs almost 230 tons. The whole array forms a “Y” shape and is 13 miles long. The whole...
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Throw Your Ball Camera to Take Panoramic Photos

john October 15, 2011 2 Comments
Photography has become more interesting and fascinating with the introduction of panoramic images. This technology not only brings in wide angle images, but also helps the viewer to get images that are more close to the human field. The images make us feel like we are seeing the image through our eyes, then and there. But, panoramic photographers need skills as well as time to develop the image. The images taken simultaneously from different angles must be joined together....
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Camouflage Yourself With the Nano-Mirage Effect

john October 5, 2011 1 Comment
  Remember the James Bond flick “Die Another Day” where Pierce Brosnan camouflages his Aston Martin to escape from the villain, and also move undetected? Yes, the very same mechanism has now been developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas. They were able to detect a unique characteristic in carbon nano-tubes with a kind of mirage effect which helps to switch on and turn off invisibility on demand. Though the innovation is at its initial stage,...
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Small Wearable Antenna Helps in Finding the Lost

john September 30, 2011 No Comments
People who go on adventure trips or hiking carry gadgets that send signals back to another station, who can easily track them if they go missing. Most gadgets available today are bulky and have to be kept safely inside the pocket. But they are prone to fall out and you may not even know it. Researchers at the European Space Agency developed a new type of tracking antenna along with the help of a Finnish company. The device can...
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Bend and Twist Your Remote Control to Change Channels

john September 27, 2011 9 Comments
Piezoelectric devices are getting more and more popular due to their self-generating mechanism. As,  a simple quartz crystal is able to produce an output voltage that is proportional to the stress applied to it, a lot of research is undergone in this field by instrumentation companies and also American defence agencies like DARPA. Recently, a company in Japan called Murata Manufacturing claim that they have developed a remote control that works with the help of a piezoelectric transducer. They...
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Mix Your Cocktail Using a Keyboard

john September 26, 2011 No Comments
  People often say that drinking and writing go hand in hand. This expression is turning out to be true since the invention of the typewriter that can mix different drinks with the help of a simple button press. The device was developed by a Russian artist and DIYer Morskoiboy. It mainly consists of a QWERTY keyboard in which each letter is assigned to each drink. The end of each key is attached to a separate hydraulic system. With...
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Amazon CEO files patent application for an Airbag system that protects smart phones

jojo September 28, 2011 No Comments
All of us must have encountered this problem many times in our lives (atleast once!); you know what I am talking about? Dropping our mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, camcorders, digital cameras, pen drives! In this era of gadgets we depend on a lot of portable devices to make our life more entertaining – we use smart phones to keep us online and connected 24 by 7, we use camcorders to capture beautiful moments of our life, tablet pcs...
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