Human Skin as a Touch-Screen Interface

john September 25, 2011 15 Comments
The mobile industry started their journey with bulky handsets and huge keypads. With emerging technologies they were able to reduce the size and bring in more features. All this has been replaced by touch-screens and smart phones, with better user interface, and great features. As a next step to this evolution, here come smart phones with human skin as the display screen. Two major companies called Skinput and Dattoo, have caught the attention of researchers and mobile developers regarding...
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Latest Discovery – Neutrinos That Move Faster Than the Speed of Light

john September 26, 2011 6 Comments
From our childhood days, we have studied that nothing in this planet travels faster than light. It has been defined as the ultimate speed in our universe. This has been backed up by many experiments, tests and measurements in many ways possible.   But all these remain as just theories, as a simple neutrino transfer experiment conducted by physicists at The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from their headquarters in Geneva to Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy (732...
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3-D Printer Technology Helps Build Artificial Blood Vessels

john April 2, 2013 1 Comment
Doctors have been successful in replacing dead intestines and tracheas, designed by tissue engineers. But, the same process on larger organs has been a little slow as they could not design blood vessels like capillaries that deliver the wanted nutrients to the other tissues. If the nutrient supply is stopped or cut-off at intervals, the tissues will not live for a long time. A engineering research team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Germany...
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How improving page load speed can increase your website traffic and user experience

jojo June 12, 2019 5 Comments
This article is not something related to our usual electronics technology, rather we are dealing a little with web technologies and Internet marketing stuff. I know many of you electronics geeks and enthusiasts may not be well aware of technologies behind websites and techniques used to bring loads of traffic to a website. I will speak a little about these interesting stuffs in this article. Image Courtesy You all know CircuitsToday is a very popular electronics website providing basic...
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Wi-fi Technology Helps in Analyzing Patients’Breathing

john September 20, 2011 2 Comments
Researchers from the University of Utah were successful in making a wi-fi device that could detect and analyze breathing patterns. This device will not only pave way for cheap and easy breath monitoring systems, but will also help doctors to get a faster and more efficient analysis of patients suffering from breathing problems like sleep apnea, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome and so on. Neal Patwari experimenting with tranceiver The first experiment was conducted on team leader Neal Patwari....
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Heat Hack – A New Method to Steal ATM Pin Codes

john September 4, 2011 2 Comments
  A team of UC San Diego security researchers presented a paper on how your Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) pin code can be stolen using the heat that our fingers leave behind. With the help of a digital infrared camera, the person immediately following you can know the keys you pushed, with 80% accuracy. Frightened? Don’t worry! There are some drawbacks to this method of stealing ATM pins. Even if the criminal can determine the digits pressed, it is...
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‘Cling-Film’ Solar Cells – A New Revolution for Renewable Energy

john July 20, 2018 2 Comments
Solar panels available nowadays pave way for great energy savings and better environmental protection (since the energy is renewable). But solar panels acquire a huge space to install and are really expensive. Only a few countries provide subsidies to build a domestic or industrial solar project. What if a solar film that is a thousand times thinner than human hair, can be spread out on a flat surface to conduct and effectively save energy better than a conventional solar...
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The World’s Largest Fusion Reactor

john July 11, 2011 No Comments
Since, 1932, researchers have been successful in combining hot fusion with nuclei. Till then the concept of cold fusion was used and did not produce any satisfactory results. The research in hot fusion is still continuing and they have been successful in providing danger-free, very good potential energy source without producing much wastes. Some of the main advantages of a fusion power plant is that they will not produce any high radioactive waste which will live for a long...
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Magnetic Microprocessors Can Make High-End Computers in Future

john July 8, 2011 No Comments
We have already discussed different concepts of high-efficiency computers like Brain-like Computers, which is soon to become a reality. Two researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, Jeffrey Bokor and Brian Lambson are developing a new concept called “Magnetic Microprocessors”. According to them, this new concept would be so efficient that the energy consumed by them will be very less as described by the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Though the multi-processors used today are known to be efficient, the fact...
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XREP – A Combination of Taser and Shotgun

john July 6, 2011 1 Comment
  We have already discussed about StunRay Technology and its capability to substitute tasers and guns used in law enforcement. But, there are some limitations to the amount of damage you can do to the suspect if he is not in front of you. That is why tasers are considered more effective as it will leave the suspect electrocuted and numb for a quite a long time, which is more than enough to seize and cuff him up. But,...
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