Contact Image Sensors (CIS)

john April 7, 2010 7 Comments
In my earlier posts I have already explained the working of Charge-coupled devices and its application as an image sensor. Recently, most of the scanners and cameras have introduced a new image sensor called Contact Image Sensors . To know more about CCD and its applications click on the links below. TAKE A LOOK : CHARGE COUPLED DEVICES (CCD) TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF DIGITAL CAMERAS TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF SCANNER Working of Contact Image Sensor...
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Working of Scanner

john April 7, 2010 2 Comments
What is a Scanner? A scanner is a device that is used for producing an exact digital image replica of a photo, text written in paper, or even an object. This digital image can be saved as a file to your computer and can be used to alter/enhance the image or apply it to the web. The most comonly used scanner is the flatbed scanner, in which you keep the object on top of the glass window. The scanned...
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Working of DVD Player

john April 7, 2010 8 Comments
An article regarding the detailed working of a DVD has been explained earlier. To know more about it, click on the link below. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF DIGITAL VERSATILE DISC (DVD) Now we are going to look at how a DVD player works and the essential components for its working. Parts of a DVD Player The DVD player is not only used for playing the data present in a DVD, but also to write the content onto...
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Blu-Ray Technology – Working

john April 7, 2010 10 Comments
After the invention of the Digital Versatile Disc , the true digital sound effect and high clarity video effects were brought to all homes.  But the hunger for high-definition videos and audio along with a high-capacity storage disc led to the invention of the Blu-ray Disc . They have the same capabilities of a DVD, storing audio, video as well as photos. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF DIGITAL VERSATILE DISC (DVD) TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF FLEXPLAY...
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Working of Flexplay DVD

john April 7, 2010 1 Comment
To know more about Flexplay DVDs, you must also know the working of a normal DVD. Click at the link below to know more. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF DIGITAL VERSATILE DISC (DVD) What is Flexplay DVD? In most foreign countries, people rent a lot of DVD’s from the shop. All you have to do is watch the movie and return the DVD back within the agreed time. But, if we are pretty much unorganized, we tend to...
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Working of Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)

john March 16, 2010 6 Comments
What is a DVD? A Digital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc , is an optical disc storage medium like a compact disc , but with greater data storage and high quality audio and video formats. The clarity, when comparison with a CD is almost six times higher. A DVD can be termed in different ways according to their applications. If they are used for storing data that can only be used to read and cannot be written, it is called...
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Working of Fuel Processors

john March 6, 2010 1 Comment
To know the detailed working of fuel processors, you must first know more about fuel cells. To know about fuel cells click o the link below. TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF FUEL CELLS In the blog post on fuel cells I have explained the way hydrogen and oxygen react to produce electricity with water as a by-product. There also some disadvantages with this method. The problems include the improper storing and distribution of hydrogen. What is a fuel...
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Working of Fuel Cells

john March 5, 2010 2 Comments
What is a Fuel Cell? Fuel Cell is an electrochemical device that is used to convert an open source fuel into electricity. An electrolytic process has to take place inside a cell in which there is an open source fuel and an oxidant . Both the fuel and oxidant reacts in the presence of an electrolyte. Both the fuel and oxidant are introduced into the cell, where they react and the output product is carried out of the...
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How to make an Air-Core Inductor

john March 17, 2016 66 Comments
Sometimes you may be unable to find a particular inductor the market. This is actually a problem faced by most of the electronic hobbyists and the problem becomes more serious if your project is RF related. The inductors required for RF circuits (antenna, tuner, amplifier etc) are almost impossible to find in the market and the only solution is nothing other than home-brewing them. With a little practice and patience you can construct almost all air cored inductors at...
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Difference Between Potentiometer and Rheostat

john September 15, 2017 8 Comments
Potentiometer and Rheostat In this article, the working and circuit symbols of potentiometer and rheostat are explained. The types of potentiometers used and their uses are also explained in this post. Rheostat vs Potentiometer is also explained. I have already explained the working of a variable resistor and its applications in electronic circuits. To know more about it click on the link below. TAKE A LOOK : VARIABLE RESISTOR – WORKING TAKE A LOOK : WORKING OF RESISTORS TAKE...
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