In this project circuit, we’re building a Direct Coupled Radio Circuit using an inductor and 3 transistors mainly. This is a very basic, low cost, hobby purpose circuit – just for the learning purpose of “direct coupling” method. If you’re looking for a good radio circuit, you’d be better off with our FM Radio Circuits collection.


Here is the circuit of an excellent direct coupled radio ideal for listening to near by stations.The circuit uses Q1 as a diode detector and first audio amplifier.The detection is across the first emitter base junction which operates as a diode.The base emitter capacitance provides the radio filtering.The resistor R1 is adjusted to obtain the least distortion with consistent volume.Transistors Q2 and Q3 also serve as audio amplifiers.

Radio Circuit Diagram with Parts List

Radio Circuit Diagram
Radio Circuit Diagram


For L1 use a center tapped ferrite antenna coil used AM receivers.

Battery is advised to power the circuit to  reduce noise.

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  1. Most people haven’t even heard of HEP transistors. Can you provide subs for the beginners? Also, even tho this an admirably simple circuit, it could use a little improvement, as well as a better layout. Who the heck has 2 to 5k Headphones? Should be adapted for 32 ohmers.