myDevices – the company behind Cayenne – a drag and drop IoT project builder has announced its partnership with Arduino on August 9th 2016. With the partnership in place, Arduino’s large collection of open source boards are now accessible via the Cayenne visual editor.

The importance of a visual IoT project builder is in acceleration of development process. Developers can eliminate lots of manual steps (which usually consumes a good share of development time) with the help of Cayenne, hence getting to prototype your idea much quicker.

“Drag, drop and configure! It’s as simple as that” – claims myDevices the company behind Cayenne – IoT project builder application.

Kathy Giori, VP of Operations at Arduino has expressed her excitement over the partnership with myDevices and Cayenne IoT project builder.

A Tool for Beginners and Experts alike

The usp of Cayenne – is the ‘drag and drop’ builder which eliminates lots of manual steps (especially in drawing and coding part). According to Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices, Cayenne eliminates 27 manual steps which considerably improves IoT development process. “So far 4 billion IoT events has been carried out through Cayenne platform” – claims Kevin. The drag and drop feature of this application helps novices to get their hands at a project so quickly. Any beginner could start right away with his project idea possessing minimal hardware and coding skills. Experts could make use of advanced features provided by the builder application.

Video Overview

Take a look at the video overview of Cayenne – which will help you to get a good idea, if you are still struggling to figure out what you are reading about.


Features of Cayenne

  • Drag-and-drop widgets to create a customized project dashboard;
  • Sketch files provided to quickly and securely connect Arduino hardware;
  • Visualize Arduino sensor data with minimal setup;
  • Create triggers & alerts between different platforms (supports both Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware);
  • Ability to create widgets for any connected sensor or actuator.

Cayenne is available for Arduino developers today and it already supports other open initiatives like Raspberry Pi.


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