The web technology has become so advanced that data can be transferred in seconds from one device to another and that too within seconds. The fame of social networking sites has attracted people to upload millions of photos and videos from all over the world.

One of the most common type of data transferring method is the e-mail. Through an email, links of different websites, photos, chat, jokes and so on can be easily shared with friends, family and colleagues. All these facilities which were once available only in computers are now also available in smart phones, Web-enabled TVs and e-readers. Thus, it has become easier for people all over the world to maintain their social as well as business life.

Most people rely on the information that is transferred from their mobile phone to their e-readers or laptops or whichever device is more suitable for their application. For example, people who run businesses may have two computers – one for their personal use and the other one for work. But there may be instances when you may need to share the information from one device to another in the same room. If you downloaded a movie in your mobile, you may want to share it to a Laptop for better viewing. The only way to share this information is to upload the movie into an intermediate server and download it from the other computer. Another way is to use a USB drive or write the movie onto a DVD. Through these methods may seem practical it does waste some of our time. To reduce this difficulty, the developers at MIT have developed a technology called SPARSH for speedy data transfer in the multidevice world.

Through SPARSH you can easily share files and all other types of information via the cloud.

With this technology, the intermediate transferee is you. The conduit for the purpose is also you. That is, if you want to send a photo from your phone to the computer, all you have to do is touch the photo on your phone, walk over to your computer and touch its screen. The photo will now be shown on the computer!! This method has been named the point and paste method.

You may actually think that the data has been moved onto our fingertips that touched the mobile screen. What really happens is that as soon as you touch the mobile, the photo is moved on to a temporary file in an ftp account or into Dropbox. When you touch the computer screen, the information is sent back from the temporary file to the computer. All you have to do is install the necessary software and also stay logged inside your ftp account or Dropbox account.

The method has been successfully tested in smart phones and computers. Once this technologies’ scope has been proved to different computer and smart phone company professionals, the software of SPARSH will be built by default into the OS of all devices.



  1. plz help me in getting the information on SPARSH Software and also in making the PPT and report for this seminar topic..

  2. plz help me in getting the information on SPARSH Software and also in making the PPT for this topic..

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    can you let us know about recent trends, inventions, developments in power sources technologies, mainly batteries, for electronic devices in detail.