The circuit given here is designed as an LED flasher which produces a rotating effect when the LEDs are arranged properly. The circuit has very low current consumption and can be operated from even 3V button cells.

The IC 1 (CMOS NE555) is wired as an astable multivibrator wired at a duty cycle of 50% and 4Hz frequency and drives LEDs D1 to D6.The second IC, IC2 (CMOS NE555) is working as a trigger pulse inverter and drives LEDs D7 to D12.The circuit is arranged such that the ICs sink the current consumed by the LEDs. At low operating voltages like 3V, the CMOS NE 555 performs better when arranged in sinking mode rather than in sourcing mode. The LED D13 remains permanently ON.

Circuit diagram with Parts list.

LED Arrangement.



  • Arrange the circuit on a good quality PCB.
  • The circuit can be powered from a 3V battery.
  • The ICs must be fixed on holders.
  • The switch S1 can be a slider switch.
  • To get a rotating effect arrange the LEDs on a plastic sheet as shown as in the figure.


  1. Terry Shook

    This circuit has possibilities for what I am trying to do. Can it be modified to run 3 banks of leds at 12v?

  2. Masroor Mastoi

    whic ic can i use in plase of ne555, because it is not available in my regioun

  3. vijay gangwar

    sir mai led arrange karke 12v dc se chalana chahata hun kaise arrange karoon

  4. Dear sir, i want to make blinking led circuit using chip 555 with ldr so the circuit can be turn off in daylight. Can you please provide such schematic. Thanks in adv.

  5. Can ANy one tell please the ratings of capacitor used………..

  6. Al Amir Sultan

    I just want 2 ask, i try this project at strip board.
    But just LED D1-D6 blinking only.
    D7-D12 not function. I check probably for wire is right.
    So what can i do??


  7. Faizan Khan

    A really nice post sir . I been looking for electronic mini projects . This one seems good to me . I will try to construct it .

  8. m.asim hashmi

    i want to learn and i think that i can learn from this web,

  9. dinesh gupta

    sir, iam new in building electronic project. i want to make large board like 11*13 size. i want to make govt. iti on board using flashing led circuit . can i use this circuit or not?if not , acn u tell me circuit can be used?

  10. hello, we have a school project and we would like to make this one , do you have a PCB design sir? and can we use different color of LED’s?
    thank you so much…
    God Bless

  11. i just ask if what voltage are those capacitors?

  12. Seetharaman

    Hi Din if you want to use 12volt supply you have to modify the circuit. you have to increase the current limitting resistances of all 13 LEDs to 1K ohm 1/4 watt.

  13. Hi, I’m currently doing school project regarding LED flasher,
    By referring to diagram, can I use power supply 12VDC?

  14. Electronics student from nigeria,this circuit is fine, thanks so much.Sir, i want to know if there would be any damage if more than one LED is used in place of one say D1 or D2. Again i need a LED circuit that shows a name blinking line by line one after the other in orderly manner just like on screen.I will be so happy if i see one

    • shahida irshad

      Assalamo Alikum.. sir i want the circuit for dancing Leds that using blinking.. Regularly or after some times.. please reply as soon as possible .. thank you so much

  15. Hello sir, i want to make mains operated 2 chains blinking led circuit with 25 leds in each chain and 2 chains should flashes alternately. Can you suggest me the circuit?
    plz reply!

  16. hello,
    I’m new in electronic circuits, and i like to leran how
    to make Running Led Lights, Blinking Lights. but my problem
    isthat i don’t understand for example the IC1 NE 555 pins numbers, i mean i don’t know which one is number 1, 2, 8 ext.

    please if you can help me I will be thankful.


  17. I’ve a question. Cannot the first IC(The upper one)take all the load? I mean, if the circuit can be made with only one 555 timer.

  18. Benet Gaytos

    This is great I am looking for a multi mode LED light circuit This one is great but hoping for a multi-mode LED light

  19. mirza danish baig

    dear sir,
    i am danish from pakistan, i make here, led police light,. and i want to use ic, in pcb for flashing 14pin,. ic,. i need, 3/4 diffrient mode change flashing mode, plz let me ic number, which ic i use in our pcb thanks. i use 60 led in our pcb board, and i need, 3/4 diffrient flashing mode, plz give me ic number thanks. regards.

  20. please tell me the all capacitors volt and which type of led should i use in leds white leds or colourful leds thanks.