CXA1019 FM receiver circuit

A high quality FM receiver circuit based on CXA1019 IC is shown here. CXA1019 is a bipolar silicon monolithic FM/AM radio receiver IC from Sony. Built in circuitries inside the CXA1019 include RF amplifier, mixer, oscillator, IF amplifier, quadrature detection circuit, tuning LED driver electronic volume control, detector etc. FM section of the IC is only utilized in this circuit. The IC can be powered from anything between 3 to 7V DC and can drive an 8 ohm loudspeaker.

Circuit diagram.

FM receiver circuit
FM receiver circuit CXA1019

Circuit description.

Inductors L1, L2 and capacitors C4, C6, C7 forms the tank circuit for the ICs built in oscillator section. The IF output available at pin 15 is grounded through resistor R1. C1 is the AC bypass capacitor for R1. Capacitor C16 is meant for ripple filtering. LED D1 is a tuning indicator. Output of the built-in detector stage (pin24) is coupled to the input (pin 25) of the built in AF amplifier stage through capacitor C19, POT R2 and capacitor C18. The POT R2 can be used as a volume control because it controls the input given to the audio amplifier stage. Capacitor C15 couples the audio output to the speaker and C14 is a noise bypass capacitor. C5 is just a power supply filter while C20 couples the antenna to the FM RF input (pin13) of the IC. The FM intermediate frequency output available at pin 15 is filtered using the 10MHz ceramic filter and applied to the FM intermediate frequency input pin18. Capacitor C2 is used for bypassing noise from the audio power amplifier section inside the IC. The output of this power amplifier section is around 500mW. Capacitor C1 and transformer T1 are related to the FM discriminator circuitry inside the IC. Resistor R3 is the feedback capacitor for the AGC section.


  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB.
  • For L1, make 2.75 turns of 22 SWG enamelled copper wire on a 5mm diameter plastic former.
  • For L2, make 3.75 turns of 22 SWG enamelled copper wire on a 5mm plastic former.
  • T1 is a FM IF transformer.
  • CF1 is a 10.7MHz FM ceramic filter
  • C4 is a 30pF dual gang FM tuning capacitor.
  • The circuit can be powered from anything between 3V to 7V DC.
  • Using a battery for powering the circuit will reduce noise and improve the performance
  • If you using a battery eliminator, then it must be well regulated and free from noise.
  • K1 can be a 3W, 8 ohm loudspeaker.
  • A1 can be a 100cm long whip antenna.


  1. what are the apply voltage in the transformer?

  2. i do it… and it working.. but the out put become so noisy?
    what is the solution???

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    what’s ur mean about c4? u connected 2 c4 together. what’s this mean?
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  4. Joshua Thompson

    What are the voltage rating for those capacitors found in the circuit diagram above

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    this circuit worked great with earphones but is giving me trouble connecting it to my tad2040 amp.anyway thanks alot.

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