Our days of exploiting non-renewable sources of energy for electricity are going to end soon!!

The reason?? – BLOOM BOX 😀

It may sound like some small generator box but a whopping $400,000,000 has already been invested for developing this technology all around the world.

The idea behind this technology was proposed by a rocket engineer named K.R. Sridhar. He was working for NASA in a project that could produce oxygen in Mars. When NASA scrapped the Mars mission, he had other ideas in mind. He tried reversing the oxygen generating device in such a way that instead of generating oxygen, he pumped oxygen in. This led to the invention of a new fuel cell which looks like a tiny battery that always runs. All this was done about a decade ago and 99% of the people on earth know it only now. The first report about such an invention was given by Sridhar, who is now the CEO of the company Bloom Energy, in the year 2010 due to the constant pressure from his customers. Major media coverage was given by CBS News in a program called 60 minutes.

The video is shown below. Take a look.

The device will be fed with oxygen on one side and fuel on the other. Both the fuel and oxygen combine together inside the cell to form a chemical reaction to produce electricity.

The greatest advantage of such a method is that there is no need for combustion or burning. There is also no need for power lines from an outside source. This device is also very silent and also does not produce any vibrations or odours. All this technology is integrated onto a single cubic box. According to the makers, a single cube is more than enough to light a European home. In short, there will be a power plant in a box that can be kept in your back yard!!

When compared to the existing power sources this technology is going to save millions of dollars for both the government and the common man.

As the cost price needed to furnish this idea will come near to $ 100 million, many multi-national companies will be needed to fund for the cause. This job was done by John Doerr, a venture capitalist at a company called Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. He was able to fund the company with $400 million from venture capitalists like Kleiner Perkins and Vinod Khosla. The main aspect that led to such a huge funding was the emerging market for clean energy that is worth billions in the future.

Some of the first companies that deployed the Bloom Energy Server include Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, eBay, FedEx, Google, Staples, and Walmart.



  1. That’s great. It would be even greater if some kind of block diagram is presented about the working mechanism of the device.(so far possible)It would help us to think about it further from whole over the world and who knows who will boost up to the next….

  2. Justice Bhargava

    This is a wonderful invention and need to be developed as early as possible. It will be boon for poor countries and and remote areas where access is not possible. My hats off to inventors

  3. We are not watching in dismay, we are in it.Thanks for the news fora.

  4. wow what a technology………a noble to be awarded for indian after a long long time……..

  5. it is an amazing,wonderful and a great achievement by K.Sridhar.It very beneficial for people of the whole world.May Mr.K.Sridhar touches the new heights of his profession.Thanks.