People nowadays use credit and debit cards in order to purchase products. The use of coins for buying small things is fast diminishing and the use of currency notes has become more useful for people. As a part of giving these coins its old fame, the Dutch government have decided to make their coins a little more “high-tech”.

They have decided to produce a limited edition of QR coded coins, consisting of silver 5€ coins and gold 10€ coins. The coins will be available for the public from June 22nd.

The coins are now coded so as to take you to a Dutch government site. But according to the officials, once they are given to the public, the codes will link to a “surprise”. There is no real explanation to what the “surprise” from the codes may be. Anyway, let’s hope it may be something worth more money!!

The interesting part with the coin is that since the larger 10€ coin is only 33mm in diameter, the scanning will need some real practice. Take a look at the gold and silver coins with QR codes as shown below.


Only a limited number of coins will be initially QR coded, as in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of their national mint in Utrecht.


Even the U.S. produces some pretty high-tech currencies, but the bills are designed to oppose counterfeit money, not necessarily to morally improve the collectors or engage smartphone users. Also, since this is a brand new idea, they may even try to implement it on all their currencies and coins. Just think about the possibilities in business with coins that can be linked to the internet. If these coins can be QR coded and widely circulated among the people, National Mints could easily auction weekly leases on the QR Code redirect. They could make money for putting ads in the links that is obtained while scanning the coin.