TDA2613 Hi Fi audio amplifier


A 6 watt audio amplifier circuit using TDA2613 is shown here. TDA2613 is an integrated Hi-Fi  audio amplifier IC from Philips Semiconductors. The IC is switch ON / switch OFF click proof, short circuit proof, thermally protected and is available in 9 pin single in line plastic package.

In the given circuit, TDA2613 is wired to operate from a single supply. Capacitor C4 is the input DC decoupler while capacitors C5, C6 are power supply filters. Input audio is fed to the non inverting input through capacitor C4. Inverting input and Vp/2 pins of the IC are tied together and connected to ground through capacitor C3. Capacitor C2 couples the speaker to the ICs output and the network comprising of capacitor C1 and resistor R1 improves the high frequency stability.

Circuit diagram of 6 watt amplifier using TDA2613.

Hi Fi audio amplifier circuit diagram
6 watt Hi Fi audio amplifier circuit


  • Assemble the circuit on good quality PCB.
  • Supply voltage (Vs) can be anything between 15 to 24V DC.
  • Heat sink is necessary for TDA2613.
  • Do not give more than 24V to TDA2613.

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    • Seetharaman

      Input capacitors cannot be so high as input impedance is normally high. it should be 220nF.

  1. You have a mistake on shema, the correct value for C4 is 220nf and not 220µf.
    as mentioned on constructor datasheet.

  2. can’t i give a supply of less than 12 volt supply?
    around 6 to 9 volts

  3. Milaan panda

    ******22nf…&…680uf capasetor r not found in the markets.Have any recovery capasetor 4 this circuits..??***plzzzz help me****

  4. seetharaman

    Hi Mike very low distortion & noise very low volume to 6watts. good Hi Fi amp you have to listen to believe.

  5. Seetharaman

    You can connect a DC power supply positive to pin7 of the IC and 0 volt (-ve) to pin 5 of the IC (single 24volt supply capable of 1amp current), ensure the voltage is not greater than 24volt DC with 8 ohms speaker

  6. how bout where to connect to transformer ?, i dont see it on d cercuit ,help