One has seen the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. Wouldn’t it be all marvellous to have a better view from high above the Earth? Out of the total population on Earth, only a few people have had the luck to get a view of Earth from space. A Canadian company called UrtheCast (the word “Urthe” is pronounced similar to “Earth”, though they could have really named it Earth!!) has made some contracts with a Russian space agency called Roscosmos to stream the video of Earth online. The live sight of a part of the Earth going into darkness, the sight of earthquakes and tsunamis on certain regions of the world can all be viewed in high-definition from now on.
They have decided to mount a set of video cameras on the outer part of the International Space Station. The video from these cameras will be sent back to Earth and will be uploaded on to a website so that everyone can see the absolute beauty of Mother Earth for free!!
Out of the two cams, one is used to shoot the video in high at a rate of 3.25 frames per second. The other camera is used to send the obtained signal back to Earth in a lower resolution, and thereby producing a 3 colour image. The camera will have all the basic functions like zoom in, zoom out, rewind and angular movement. The users will be give the freedom of tracking the happenings at any part of the Earth and also interact with the video feed. The camera is developed by the joint co-operation of a UK company and a Canadian company. These companies have worked together in some researches and developments of the space shuttle’s robotic arm along with its software support.
A video showing an ad of their program is given below. Take a look.
According to Scott Larson, one of the founders and president of UrtheCast, this will be first project ever to show a 24/7 high-definition screening of Earth. It is sure that the developers will charge a small fee for the video. But they haven’t revealed any of that information till now.


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