Among the most trending topics, home automation is by far the most fancied of them all. Imagine being able to control your house appliances from a single device. Yes! You heard it right.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the system that allows communication from one device to another to make certain changes or even allow control through another device. A few years back, home automation sounded like an overrated venture and cost a substantial amount of money. However, as years go by, technology has gotten more sophisticated and thus lowering the price to have your home fully automated.

With an automated home, not only do you get to enjoy the comfort that can be challenged by few systems but also enjoy sophisticated levels of security and efficiency. For instance, an automated home lets you identify who is approaching your house and allows you to open and lock your door even when away from your home. With such a system, you can let your child home from school and control the people who get in your home. In case you notice a bugler intruding your house, you can automatically signal your alarm and protect your property. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Over the years, home automation has undergone rapid growth thus able to control even more tasks than the basic tasks.

Home Automation

How home automation works

To have a fully automated home that meets your preferences, you have to follow an elaborate procedure. To start with, you have to select a home automation protocol that is compatible with many, if not all your home appliances. this allows your devices to communicate thus making decisions that lead to your satisfaction. Among the protocols that are widely used in the market is;

  • X10- a wireless system that allows communication of your house appliances. however, this is slower than modern protocols.
  • Insteon-  a wireless system that connects devices in your home and is compatible with X10. Operates slightly faster than the former.
  • ZigBee- this is one of the most popular protocols that many people prefer to integrate with in-house devices.
  • Z-Wave- a home automation protocol that uses a frequency band of 908.42 MHz this uses a mesh wave network that enables efficient communication of in-house systems thus faster responses. Compatible with a wide variety of devices thus allowing you to integrate more systems in your house.

After choosing a system that you prefer, the next step is to set the system up. To do so, you have to choose a smart hub (this could be a smartphone) to act as the central operator of your system. Having done this, connect your devices to the system before feeding your preferences to the system. After feeding your preferences to your system, your devices will be able to take appropriate action thus maximizing your comfort. For instance, you can inform the system of your sleep time, the temperature you prefer in your surroundings, the amount of light you prefer in your vicinity and even authorized persons to access your home. By doing so, you enable your devices to take appropriate steps hence maximized comfort, energy efficiency and security. As time goes by, you edit the preferences even more thus letting your home handle all processes on your behalf.

Devices that can be automated

With the talks of automation going on, many might have automated products in their house and don’t know it yet. For instance, in some homes, lights turn on automatically when the alarm system runs on. Even better, some systems integrate window blindfolds to automatically roll so as to regulate the light to the level that you dim best. Among other devices that can be automated include; door locks, kitchen house appliances like the microwave, lighting system, sump pumps, air conditioning systems, thermostats and CCTV cameras among others.

Benefits of home automation

The benefits of home automation revolve around savings, efficiency, comfort, security, and control. With a home automation system in your mind, not only will you have an easier time controlling your devices but also peace of mind. Among the benefits you get to rip from home automation include;


With a home automation system in place, you can easily check whether you turned off the iron box off after using it or not. This ensures that no damage arises from the device thus preventing any damage to your property.  With control of devices that can spark a chain of events including fires, you are able to prevent damage by fire. Additionally, you get to control the fire exhausting system thus putting out potential fires.

Apart from that, automated homes are able to select who gains access to your house and who doesn’t. by feeding the images and getting images of people trying to access your house, the system keeps people out until your authorization. In case you notice unknown people breaking into your house, you can ring the alarm no matter how far you are from home. This ensures that you and your property are safe from calamities that may drive to huge losses.


By automating your home, you can control your house even when you are away from home. For instance, if you forget to switch the oven off on your way to work, you don’t have to go back home to switch it off. Provided you have your phone with you, you can easily switch the oven off and still get to work in time.


Having your house customize your house to fully meet your preferences can be quite a relaxing experience. For instance, if you prefer less light in your surroundings and warm temperature with a continuous flow of air, your system commands your devices to take appropriate action. In case of too much light, the system rolls the window blinds thus reducing the amount of light entering your house.

Energy efficiency

Among the top ways that light is wasted, leaving appliances running is ranked on top of the list. By automating your home, the various system turns off automatically thus saving you a sufficient amount of energy. In case you forget a home appliance running, you can always access it through your mobile phone and turn it off thus saving a substantial amount of energy.

As home automation gets more sophisticated, running you’re home will be quite an easy task. additionally, you will get to rip more benefits and secure your property from any kind of damage. However, one is only left to wait and observe the amazing benefits that will come with even more sophisticated levels of technology.

Best Automation Systems:

Here is a list of some of the best automation systems you can find in the market;


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