Nanotechnology Implications

In this article, the different implications in nanotechnology is explained in detail. The benefits f nanotechnology in different fields along with the health implications is explained in detail.

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The fields in which the implication of nanotechnology extends are numerous. Some of the most common fields are computing, engineering, biology, chemical, communications, material science different systems and many more.

Through nanotechnology, there are a lot of benefits and improvements in a various field of technology. Some of the processes and fields that will be improved with the help of nanotechnology are listed below.

  • It helps in improving the manufacturing methods of various devices.
  • Different physical processing systems like water purification process, energy processing, and so on will improve.
  • The change in the size and shape of many physical devices helps in attaining smart devices with better performances.
  • The complete method of food production can be made better with more nutrition. Through this technology, the productivity can be increased to greater heights without waste of time and labour.
  • The technology also helps in the field of medicine, where better drugs can be made in great amounts at a very small time.
  • Large scale infrastructure auto-fabrication can also be introduced.
  • Since the size of different objects change with this technology, it will pave way for better automation as there exists tasks which are not possible to be done by humans or machines due to physical restrictions. Thus, the automation can be easily done by smaller robots which reduce the labour costs, and maintenance costs as well.
  • The materials will be environmental friendly and can provide clean water for all through the simplest methods.

Along with the benefits there also arise some hazards which have to be dealt with safety issues.

Some of the basic risks include that related to health and safety. The environmental hazards that can happen due to the waste of materials that will have to be thrown out to pave way for nanotechnology materials is one big problem. The biological hazards that can happen due to the strong drugs that can be made by this technology is also a problem. Problems may also arise due to privacy invasion through nanosensor surveillance.

Health implications of Nanotechnology

Studies are going on knowing the extent of both benefits and risks that nanotechnology imposes on the human health. Mainly two types of studies are going on for this purpose. They are

  • The advantage of nanotechnology which leads to the cure of all diseases that affect human health.
  • The disadvantages that cause hazards to the human body due to the exposure to nanotechnology.

When the nanoparticles are introduced to our body, they will be readily accepted by our body than large sized particles.

There are still unclear ideas on the way the human body will respond to these particles. Due to their small size they could easily react with the surrounding tissues and destroy the foreign matter, clearly eliminating the defence mechanism of the body. Another major problem is regarding their reaction with the biological process inside the human body. When they hit the tissue walls they may absorb some of the macro molecules that come in their path. This will clearly disturb the working of enzymes and proteins inside the body.


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