IR Blaster
IR Blaster


An IR Blaster is a device that functions or imitates an IR Remote Control in its features. This device is used to control other devices. If this device is connected to a PC, it can be used to control all the other IR devices that are present in the room with the help of that PC. The deice is relatively small compared to other IR devices and can be self-powered by just plugging them to the device that is to be controlled.

How IR Blaster Works?

The working of IR Blaster is pretty much the same as that of a remote control except that there is a digital to IR light converter in the IR Blaster. The digital signals produced by the up and down pulses of electricity while IR light is completely invisible. They are used because they have a better transfer rate and can travel through air without causing any threat to anyone.

If the system is neatly configured, the beam generated by the IR Blaster can be used to control devices such as TV’s and computers while, at the same time, control devices such as VCR or DVR using an IR remote control.


The main use of an IR blaster is to control a secondary device through a primary device with the help of an infrared remote control. IR blasters can be used for many electronic devices and there is no limit to its extent. The devices vary from TV’s, PC’s, VCR, home theatre, big screen projectors and so on.  Another application of the device includes the extending of the range of the IR remote by keeping the blaster in a closed area, in hiding, or even at an angle that the remote cannot “see”. There are also USB IR blasters which can be connected to computers. Through this device all the other IR devices in the room can be easily controlled.


  • User friendly
  • The user can sit still in one place and handle all the devices in the room.
  • Can be configured to work with special devices and also paired with computer applications like EyeTv and RealBasic.
  • No need of an external power supply for the device as it gets self-powred from the device it is connected to (computer).


  • Configuring the device at the beginning is difficult and confusing.
  • The cost of the device is considerably low, but may go up according to the sensitivity, output power levels, and other factors chosen.

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