Sleek&Sexy” in design-thats what Lenovo IdeaCentre A600 is @ first look.

This revolutionary desktop in the age of tablets and notebooks features 21.5″ screen for multimedia-holics along with Blu-Ray disc and other usual system components.

Features are:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4GB of DDR3 memory

Hard Disk: Upto 1TB (available)

Additional Luxury:

In addition to the usual features like Harddisk, Memory,Processor and all such stuffs, IdeaCentre A600 features brand new add-on which makes it distinct!

1. Has a nifty 4-in-1 remote control that acts as an air mouse

2. Includes a VOIP Handset

3. Has a MediaCentre Remote

4. Uses 1920×1080 HD resolution for screen

5. Uses the glorified VeriFace technology-which uses facial images as login passwords for your computer.

This brand new PC’s are available from rates starting @ $699!


1. It looks like a copy of the “APPLE” Mac style! Screen & system components as one module-but this one is worth for the price! I hope.


1. For the entertainment enthusiast, the all-in-one offers a 16:9 aspect ratio screen with full HD resolution while the integrated speaker system with bass sub-woofer and Dolby Home Theater audio certification completes the home cinema experience.


3.4/5 – Overall

4.1/5 – Design

4/5 – For Components Inside & Performance

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    the pc is wonderful but how to use its phone feature ?