This micro flasher circuit continuously emits flashing light with the consumption of very less power.The circuit can run for a very long time for four 1.5 V torch cells.


Here a low power CMOS IC CD4093 (IC1) is used to produce sharp pulses  of 20 ms from a red LED.The LED appears to be glowing continuously due to persistence of vision ,and lot of power is saved.The IC1 is quad NAND gate whose one gate is used for producing oscillations.The unused inputs are kept to logic 1 by connecting it to the positive.The value of R1 determines the charging current of C1.


Circuit diagram with Parts list. 



  • All capacitors must be rated 10V.
  • The circuit can be easily assembled on a common board.
  • A 6V DC adapter can be also used to power the circuit.
  • The component values need not be strict here. you can find them easily from your junk box.I think you may have to purchase only the IC.


  1. What is the difference between mini flasher and micrfo flasher ?

  2. The Battery would last a Very Long Time. The 4093 IS A cmos chip draws low current consumes very small amounts of power, can operate from 3 to 15vdc,( wide variation of D.C. voltages) and is suitable for outdoor use!! Another advantage is cmos chips are relatively inexpensive which makes them cost effective for beginner or expert alike!!!

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      consumes very little power and lasts very long