Write and Drink
Write and Drink

People often say that drinking and writing go hand in hand. This expression is turning out to be true since the invention of the typewriter that can mix different drinks with the help of a simple button press.

The device was developed by a Russian artist and DIYer Morskoiboy. It mainly consists of a QWERTY keyboard in which each letter is assigned to each drink. The end of each key is attached to a separate hydraulic system. With the press of the key, the hydraulic system acts as a pump and pumps up the particular liquid that is assigned for the key. The liquid travels through small tubes and falls into a glass.

The developers have also designed a colourful LCD-like display (they prefer to call it ‘liquid cocktail’), which lights up in the shape of the particular key that is pressed. To add to this feature, the liquid that is supposed to be pumped is also shown in the display.

Take a look at the demo video to see how the device works.


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