This circuit can be used to escape from the nuisance of mobile phone rings when you are at home. This circuit will give a visual indication if placed near a mobile phone even if the ringer is deactivated.

When a call is coming to the mobile phone, the transmitter inside it becomes activated. The  frequency of the transmitter is around 900MHz.The  coil L1 picks up these oscillations by induction and feds it to the base of Q1. This makes the transistor Q1 activated.Since the Collector of Q1 is connected to the pin 2 of IC1 (NE555) , the IC1 is triggered to make the LED connected at  its output pin (pin 3) to blink. The blinking of the LED is the indication of incoming call.

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 Circuit diagram with Parts list. 



  • The coil L1 can be made by making 150 turns of 36 SWG enameled copper wire on a 5mm dia plastic former.Or you can purchase a 10 uH coil from shop if available.
  • The circuit can be powered from a 6V battery.
  • Assemble the circuit on a good quality PCB.
  • C1 & C3 are to be polyester  capacitors.
  • The electrolytic capacitor C2 must be rated 10V.


  1. K nikhil sai

    What type of indicator is used in here and I want to simulate this project In software so how can I provide the 900 mhz frequency please help me…. Send the solution to my gmail

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  4. i want to know the circuit inside the cordless house phone…..
    when the phone is lost you cn juz press the button on the charger and the phone rings
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    • I have made the connections correctly but when I connect the battery the LED starts glowing directly. What is the problem??

  5. farhad khan

    LED is always on .with out of any incoming call .plz any one help me.

  6. Hi,
    I want to check this circuit in software.As frequency of 900MHz cannot be transmitted in inductor in software design,How can I check this circuit in software.Can I replace inductor with frequency generator directly? Suggest a way for me..!


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  8. steve venkates

    hello sir,
    LED will glow if any incoming call to mobile means,during that time the frequency range from 900Mhz ok.
    if any body connected the mobile with internet means the frequency will above the 900Mhz then it will detect that also..?

  9. dear admin, i ve made the circuit,
    but problem is that, LED continously
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  12. rahul khanna

    sir, I assembled it on breadboard but its not working. Is it necessary to assemble it on a quality PCB?? won’t it work on the breadboard? Hoping an immediate response. thank u.

  13. Pls sir: it is working fine now but my supervisor said its too poor: pls how can i connect the output to trigger the police sirene circuit ON when the LED start flashing. Pls reply me its urgent plsss

    • veer kumar

      Emzzy… would u please send me your circuit diagram???… my circuit on protues is not working properly. the led is blinking although there is no input frequency…..
      i have no idea what to do??

  14. Pls sir i know this is an old post but i need u to help me out: d circuit is working bt the blinking of d led is nt so visible and its working with the diode and with 1.5v bt dosent work with higher voltage; how can i make the LED to glow more brighter: pls reply project topic

  15. gaurav kothari

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  16. Abubakar Naseem

    Is there any alternative of senor coil ,instead of inductor ???????

    • Seetharaman

      It has to be an inductor to get the stray field. you can wind the simple inductor as indicated in the Notes just bellow the circuit.

  17. If i want to use more than one led (say 5) , and i put them in series with each other , how much volts battery will i need to use ?

  18. hie sir we had implement whole circuit has given above on the breadboard and at the time of connecting it with the terminals of battery led is glowing but when battery terminals are connected to the breadboard and then when we are implementing it for the output led not glowing when the incoming call sound rings or it is vibrating….sir i request you to give the suitable suggestion for these…i have to submit these project day after tomorow…

    • Seetharaman

      Either remove D1 for 9 volt operation or reduce the supply to 1.5 volts with D1 for pumping the required voltage of 3V to LED.

      • if i use 9 volt battery and remove D1..dont you think led will blow out??

        • Seetharaman

          By removing the diode no direct current will flow through the LED. only pulsed current will flow through capacitor C2. hence no problem only led will flash.

  19. shakib ahmed

    what if i replace 3.9k resistor with 3.3k resistor???
    will that work?

  20. guys i hv 10uH for L1, (color code brown black black.)
    will it work or not. how much inductance is produced by 150turns of 36swg coil? pls let me know. how about removing diode d1?

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Vee it will not work. You cannot remove D1. Reduce supply voltage to 1.5 volt for operation. Only suggested air core inductor will work others will not work. Inductance value is not the criteria. it is the level of signal pick up from the mobile is the main criteria.

  21. How to make the inductor … I bought a bought an inductor from the ship which has some color coding .. Is it fine or should I buy another inductor which is led is not blinking with 12uh inductor…

    • Seetharaman

      Please go through the notes for making your own inductor which will be more sensitive than small wound inductors. The coil L1 can be made by making 150 turns of 36 SWG enameled copper wire on a 5mm dia plastic former

  22. Job bwangah

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  23. Ma’aji Azuma

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  24. Sir can i use 1n4007 instead of 1N 5819 plz replay fast

  25. can we use an inductor of 12uH instead of 10uH ……?? pls reply fast am in a pretty big hurry …..!!

    • Seetharaman

      You can use 12uH but the wound coil will be more sensitive. You can use breadboard for construction. You have to use 555 ttl timer not cmos 7555

  26. revathy radhakrishnan

    I’m going to try this…………

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Revathy please go ahead every thing is in order except the supply. use only 1.5 volt single cell not more than that. all the best.

  27. Aman Yadav

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    pin 5 is not connected anywhere. please give some suggestion

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    • seetharaman

      Hi SVT please go through the foot notes above (just below the circuit diagram)

  31. sai jayanth

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  33. To my way of thinking, to really be useful, I’d like a diagram for a circuit that ‘latches’ on, when the phone rings, and ‘latches’ off, by pressing a button switch, in the circuit.

    A very small, flashing LED should consume very little power and not be too detrimental to battery life.

    After receiving a call or SMS, most phones go to standby with a black screen, so just by looking at the phone you have no idea if anything has happened — unless you happened to be close by, when the event occurred.

    Now, a circuit that does that, would be great!!

  34. i am gonna do “mobile incoming call indicator ” as my own mini i need your help as well to offer me circuit simulation + circuit analysis electronically and any other information if it’s available in next four days, would you please help me????

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    • Frnd…how we connect t in mob…can explain tis…..plz send the answer 2 my mail Id

  37. Muhammad Ayaz Zakir

    I worked out the problem.
    Just remove the diode D1. The circuit works fine. The LED flashes before the cell phone rings even before the cell phone receives the call.
    Note: I made it on breadboard and it works fine.

    • can u please tell me about L1 we are not getting it

    • Boss i want about inductor? I use 10uh inductor it is like resistor shape. Then it can use in the ckt the l.e.d glows continiously and l.e.d doesn’t depend on inductor..
      i want clarification about ckt connections and making of inductor plz help me plz…

  38. sir, the led comes on when supplied and it does not detect the mobile phone signals as required. how can i solve this problem. please i need a solution now….i have to submit the project tomorrow

    • Seetharaman

      Hi dia reduce the supply to 1.5 volt. now when switched on the LED will not light up as it requires 1.7 volt or greater. once the mobile gets the call the radiation from the mobile is picked up by the coil, C1 and D2 will take care of raising the voltage to 3 volts and the LED will flicker as per the ring tone.

      • Wajahat Ali

        Can the NE555 IC operate at 1.5V supply or do we need to change it to a CMOS chip like 7555?
        Also, can the polyester capacitors be replaced with ceramic capacitors?
        Also, how much variation is tolerable for the sensor coils dimensions? I made one using 35 SWG enameled copper wire on with around 140 turns on 5 cm diameter former as instructed here: Is that OK?
        Please help me out here. Thanks.


    may i knw wat is use of L1 and wat the value of that.

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    can you please advise what else i need to check to make the circuit work

  43. i’v used 10uH inductor and havn’t used D1 , evn den LED is nt glowing wen der is a incoming a call

  44. Sangamithirai.S

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  45. Sangamithirai.S

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    • sir, the led comes on when supplied and it does not detect the mobile phone signals as required. how can i solve this problem. please i need the answer now….

  50. please do send me an detailed description about this project. in what board should we do it? how to connect it with mobile phone?

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Greeshma you can assemble this on any group board/vero board or dot matrix board etc. You need not connect this to your mobile phone just keep it near to your mobile phone

  51. Nikunj saini

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    • Seetharaman

      Hi Praveen you need not connect it to your mobile, just keep it near to your mobile phone.

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  69. sir,i want more information of “mobile incoming call indicator”

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    can u plz tell me which type of coil is useful for this circuit, can i use copper wire of co-axial wires?? round it to form a coil plz sir reply.. i’ll be thankful to you..

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  86. In response to my earlier comment, this circuit has a few minor modifications( which i made) for it to work…..

    It’s working really well except for the part where the range of the device comes into play…. and i would like a bit of expert help…

    Contact :

    PS: This circuit is really good and works well… Thank You to whoever posted it 🙂

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  87. Rehan Rahat

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    • Seetharaman

      Hi Rehan either reduce voltage to single cell(1.5 Volt) operation or remove Diode D1 for 6 volts operation

  88. Seetharaman

    Hi Sushma read second paragraph of the description, which is very clear.
    Hi Rizwan there are lots of comments on the working please remove D1 as per Mr Rohit,s comment it will start working.

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  90. yashwanth

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  92. Rahul Ohri

    This circuit is not working , the coil is not detecting the phone call please help !!!

  93. Can anyone show the real picture of this circuit.

  94. seetharaman

    Hi See Rohith’s comment remove D1 it will be OK.

  95. Ashwin can you please help by telling the what changes you made in the circuit
    reply me as soon as possible

  96. We are doing this for our mini project… We used a 10-uH coil inductance coil.. and rest components as it is mentioned above .. can any one please tell whether we need to remove the diode or place a 470 ohm resistor which one of it works efficiently.. plz reply as soon as possible
    thanking you,

  97. PLZ Help me when i made this circuit it work but the LED glowing continuous
    and when call incoming or outgoing then it not blink just like indicator so what i do that plz help me and its range how to increase can any one help me plz if u know solution then msg me i will call u…….

  98. It is working perfectly for me… Thank you very much…
    Can anyone please help me simulate this in MULTISIM…

    Am in a hurry… please contact me if you can help..
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  99. jumana mp

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    We checked by removing the diode, inserting 470 ohm in between led positive supply etc. Nothing is giving a change. Somebody who did the ckt please help me.I have to submit the project on this monday

    thanking you,
    jumana mp

  100. Biplab Samanta

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  101. Biplab Samanta

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  103. Seetharaman

    Dear friends please go through my July 5th reply

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  108. Sir, i m going to do this as my mini project. plz help me with the battery rating. It is rated as 6V but I need the current rating also. so kindly help me with this. also, will it work with the IN5819? Or should I use other diode? Plz help me.

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    looking forward to hear from you soon

    thank you

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  115. In our place. Polyester is not available can i use ceramic?


    Dear circuitstoday team your all projects are very excellent and greats i am using your all circuits here is some mistakes are avilbale kindly find that your some mistakes but i belive that your team working is excellents thnks
    Naeem Ashraf

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    Mine is not working and i want to know the reason behind improper working by them…..Also I want to experience with it….Mine is showing some of its wires…But they are too small to be soldered…..So please give me some clue about how to do it…..!

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  119. Hey!!!…i tried winding the 28 SWG on a coke can with 200 turns…but the LED isnt lighting!!!…can u help me out???…lso do i have to remove the can before its connected to the circuit???…

  120. can i make this circuit on the bread board ???????????????

  121. seetharaman

    Hi Sandeep you can use BA148. the problem may be some thing else.

  122. i ve made the circuit, but it s not workin properly…
    can i replace that IN5819 diode by any other diodes???
    please help me..

  123. charles daniel

    Hi am doing the project of cell phone detector but the LED is blink without turning off and any body who can help me the capacitor picture of 100nf

  124. seetharaman

    Hi Charles Connect 470 ohms between anode of LED and positive supply. The LED will be glowing steadily. with incomming call to your mobile it will start flashing.

    100nF is 0.1uF.

  125. sweet boy

    nop…just 2 volts across Led… i think there should b some mistake in cct diagram shown, coz with the diode Led get the supply, n starts blowing… may be thats the rezn !!!

  126. Seetharaman

    Hi Sweet Boy you might have blown your LED, with 5.3 volt appearing across LED?

  127. sweet boy

    dear admin, i ve made the circuit, but problem is that, LED continously illuminates as DC source is connected..plz let me know how to over come this problem.

  128. I would a appreciate if you could publish the circuit about GSM control relay or SMS control relay.

  129. sheka leonard

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  130. Seetharaman

    Hi Anshul You have to use a coil as explained in the notes for L1, as it has to pickup stray rf field.
    Radial inductors (radial leaded inductors) will have the leads comming from one side of the bobin hence can be inserted to PCB directly. axial leaded inductors the leads have to be bent by 90 deg to insert into the PCB.

  131. Can i use inductor in place of coil.
    What is Radial Inductor? & what is chock?

  132. seetharaman

    dear ADMIN, It looks like a mistake in the circuit. with the diode connected the LED will get a supply of 5.6volt from a 6volt battery directly. LED may get destroyed immedeately. The diode can be deleted or the supply voltage can be reduced to 1.5volt with a 7555 cmos timer. with pulsed 3 volt the led can blink.

      • I want to do this project can u plz send me information about it,,can we used here simcard for incoming call thanks

        • andrew wilson

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