Multi-Tone Alarm

This multi-tone alarm circuit will help you create a burglar alarm that will not only alert you of intruders but will also play a different tune each time an intruder comes, this makes sure that no regular intruders will have to listen to the same boring tone again and again! 🙂

Kidding aside this is a simple circuit to help you create a multi-tone alarm. As you know most alarms come in with a single tone so why not try to create something different.


This is a simple and easy to build multi-tone alarm circuit that can be used in burglar alarms or sirens. The circuit is based on dual op-amp MC1458 and  LM 380. The two op-amps inside the MC 1458 are used to produce square and triangular waves. LM 380 is used to amplify the output. The first op-amp IC1a is wired as an astable multivibrator and second op amp IC1b is wired as an integrator, to make the square wave triangle.

The two output square and sine can be selected using switch S1 to the input of IC2 which amplifies it to drive the speaker. POT R4 can be used for tone adjustment.

Simple Alarm Circuit Diagram with Parts List

Alarm Circuit
Alarm Circuit Diagram


  • IC1a and IC1b are same. So their power supply is common. Wire exactly as shown in the figure, nothing to care.
  • C1 and C2 are ceramic, C3 is electrolytic.
  • Pin 6 of IC2 (inv input) has no connection.
  • A dual power supply is needed here.

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