I hope you all might have gone through the PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) tutorial developed by our contributor. This post is aimed to organize the tutorial in order (which is created as individual articles), so that all our readers can access the tutorial easily and efficiently. We have arranged the PIC tutorial  in order from start to end below. Please go through our tutorial and feel free to ask your doubts in comments section.

 pic 16f877 tutorial

Chapter 1:  Introduction to PIC  – As you may know already, PIC is the name of micro-controllers developed by Microchip corporation. PIC is the acronym for Peripheral Interface Controller. This chapter will give you an introduction to the world of PIC in general.

Chapter 2: Basics of Microcontrollers – To understand basic concepts of PIC, you must have an understanding about the basics of microcontroller. Well you can skip this chapter if you already know 8051 or other micro controllers. If you are new to the world of micro controller, then we recommend you to read this chapter.

Chapter 3:  Basics of Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) – Now that you have learned about micro controller basics, you can now go through this chapter and learn basics of Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC).

Chapter 4: Introduction PIC 16F877 – Okay, by now you will have an idea about various PIC’s available in market. They are known as 16x8xx series. Now we are explaining here 16F877 PIC. There will be difference between other series PIC’s in many hardware features like Memory. But this tutorial is good enough to teach you basics of PIC. If you know PIC 16F877, then with ease you can learn other series very fast.

Chapter 5: PIC16F877 – Architecture and Memory Organization – So here begins the core tutorial of PIC16F877. This chapter explains you the hardware architecture and memory organization of PIC 16F877.

Chapter 6: PIC16F877 – Register Memory Organization – This chapter will explain you the Register memory organization in PIC.

Chapter 7: PIC16F877 – EEPROM/Flash Memory Organization

Chapter 8: PIC16F877 – Input/Output Ports and TRIS Registers

Chapter 9: PIC 16F877 – Timer Modules

Chapter 11: PIC 16F877 – CCP Modules

Chapter 12: PIC 16F877 – USART Modules

Chapter 13: Advanced Features in Peripheral Interface Controller

Chapter 14: PIC Programming – Instruction Sets – Instruction sets are like building blocks available to a programmer. A programmer builds a program for an application in PIC using these instruction sets.  They are divided into 4 groups. Data transfer group, Arithmetic and logic group, Bit operations group and Program flow control group.

Chapter 15: Data Transfer Group Instructions in PIC

Chapter 16: Arithmetic and Logic Operations Group in PIC 

Chapter 17: Bit Operation Instructions in PIC 

Chapter 18: Program Flow Control Group in PIC – This chapter explains the fourth group in PIC programming instruction set. It explains instruction used in PIC to control the program flow.



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