Don’t worry if you do not know how to play the guitar. From now on, the “PossessedHand” will play it for you.

PossessedHand is a kind of a blood pressure cuff that is strapped onto your arm. This device will pass small electrical signals to your fingers in such a manner that it moves your hand accordingly at different angles.

This device was developed by researchers at Tokyo University along with the technical cooperation of Sony Co.

The device is mainly controlled by an Arduino Microcontroller along with other small tools like DIYers and so on. The electric signal is passed from the device to the hand using twenty eight different electrode pads. Unlike other conventional methods, this method does not require the electrodes to be inserted into the skin. They can be fixed externally onto the skin and the electric signals will be passed with the same effect as like any other conventional methods. Thus, the method is not at all dangerous, and not at all painful. The developers like to claim that the device will act very smoothly like a hand massager. Besides, the signals are weak enough that you don’t even feel the sting of current on your skin. The movements produced by these signals are just a small nudge rather than a forced movement of your fingers and wrist.

With this technology you can easily pre-program the device in such a way that you could learn to play the guitar and other musical instruments. You could learn more easily to place your finger in the proper position and move them. The device could also be used for translating a speech into sign language and thus help the hearing impaired. The device has medical applications as well. The device could be used to help patients affected with stroke to use their hands again.
Of course, the programming of such a device varies for different cases and thus may turn out to be complex. But due to its important uses, the device may become famous and more applicable with time.



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    im gng 2 present it fa my seminar.i had searched this topic bt dnt get any relevant info so pls send me the circuit diagram and its working to my mail

    • Hello Vaishnavi,

      Please do research on Google and IEEE websites. You will get more information.

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    i would like to do this, please send me the details and the circuit diagram of this project,and its working

  3. i would like to do this, please send me the details and the circuit diagram of this project,

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