Today I have gone through a book Practical Electronics for Inventors written by Paul Scherz, which describes the various practical circuit ideas and designing techniques.Its 585 page big book with all basic ideas related to electronics. I am reviewing and recommending this book here,because I am getting tons of comments from newbies in electronics asking where to start,what to study, how to etc. As we all know, Electronics is a “SEA” of knowledge which cant be drunk in a day. You really need to go through some books that gives you some basic knowledge of the industry and science. I recommend this book to all guys who are new to Electronics world and really interested in knowing what it is?

Who should read this book?

1. Newbies to Electronics

2. Engineering students-To understand basics of Electronics

3. Undergraduates/Pre-University students of Electronics



  1. avinash peter

    Its nice , but how to download this book

  2. sindhuja devi

    i finished DECE.give some idea to do higher studies..except b.e,amie

  3. zinkokoaung

    I want to download this book.Please,how to download this book?

    • Hi zinkokoaung, You cannot download the soft copy of the book. But you can buy the hard copy of the book online by clicking on the link and you can receive it in your billing address.

    • Fábio dos Reis

      Practical Electronics for Inventors is the name of the book.

  4. i should really love to have a copy of the book and read it. The amount is not too much for me but how to make the payment and the assurance of having when paid is where my problem lies. How can i make it through this?

    • jojo

      You can buy it from using the link given in post. Or if you are from India buy it from

  5. i am Ali Raza From University of The Punjab(Eectrical Engineering Department)….very Great Book for all Student and also For Hobiest…!!

  6. Execelent book for all who intrested in electronics

  7. i am a faruk hosain. i like your books and want to download it.