RedTacton Technology

This detailed article on Red Tacton technology is developed by our team for students as a Seminar topic for their academic needs. We have referenced various research papers,reports and other documentations for developing this article.

We have discussed about various infrared and Bluetooth wireless technologies in our recent posts. But the technology has been advanced that these technologies have been overrated. Now, researchers are trying to develop a new path for transmission of signals called Human Area Networking. As the name indicates, such a technology will have the human body surface to transmit and receive signals at very high speeds. Now we are going to discuss such a technology, which is currently under development, called RedTacton Technology.

According o science studies, we know that our body is creating minute electric charges all the time. This electric field thus created is used for RedTacton technology to transmit and receive [duplex communication] the signals. Thus, this method is completely different from other signal transmitting technologies like wireless and infrared. Thus, like LAN and WAN, a new network protocol called HAN [Human Area Network], is being configured.

RedTacton Technology

How RedTacton Works?

  • Similar to any other technology, RedTacton Technology, will also have a transmitter and a receiver.
  • As soon as the human body comes in contact with the RedTacton transceiver, the signals will start to be transmitted. When the contact is taken off, the transmission will also stop.
  • The terminals are either embedded in the devices or are carried by the user itself. According to the natural and physical movements of the user, the communication will happen in various combinations.
  • The communication through the user can occur only through his body surface parts like hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso. The technology also works in shoes and other clothing’s as well.

How RedTacton Works

  • The transmitter in RedTacton will induce a mild electric field on the human body surface. A transistor or photonic electric field sensor will be setup as the sensor for the electric field on the RedTacton receiver. This sensor detects the electric field and the signal will be processed in the receiver as well.
  • This processed signal thus becomes the data that is to be downloaded.

The basic block diagram of a RedTacton Transceiver is shown below.

RedTacton Transceiver Block Diagram

  • Like digital signals, the signals will depend on the fluctuations in the electric field that is induced in the body. As the electric field is mild in nature, highly sensitive sensing technology is used in the receiver part.

RedTacton Working

  • Other than the electric field that transmits the data, there will also be very small and unstable electric fields on the surface of the body. This will be natural in nature and will be automatically sent back to earth.

Comparison with other network technologies

Take a look at the figure below. The chart displayed shows the exact position of RedTacton with the other network technologies that are available today.

RedTacton actually is helpful in short distance communication. When compared with a wi-fi communication, this technology seems advantageous. In wi-fi, there is no need of any physical connections. Thus communication is established as soon as the signals arrive. But, when it comes to security reasons, wi-fi is a problem. As the signals can be easily hacked by others, extra security measures have to be included.

Also, when compared with wired transmission, RedTacton is more advantageous. Here physical connection is required at a high rate for data transmission. With more and more users trying to retrieve data from a single source, the physical connections become a problem. But, there will not be many problems with security.

So, we can confirm that RedTacton technology comes right in between wireless and wired connection. It can provide maximum security as well as data transfer without the use of physical connections. The security will be maximum as the data transfers can occur only between two contact points. Take a look at the figure below to know the exact comparison between all the technologies.

RedTacton - Comparison with other network technologies

RedTacton Features

Here are some of the main features of this technology.

Features of RedTacton
Features of RedTacton
  • Touch Feature

In this technology, every mode of communication can be done with a touch. All physical movements like touching, gripping, sitting, walking, stepping and so on are used as triggers for various processes of the equipment. The processes can be the START and STOP of the equipment, data retrieval or even locking and unlocking.

  • Broadband Feature

For broadband communication, the ideal speed with this method is said to be 10 Mbps. This is constant for full duplex communication.

Even if multiple communications is used through this technology, the speed will not be affected as the signal is transmitted through the human body.

Application of RedTacton

If you want to listen to music from your MP3 player, you will have to adjust the headphone to your ears and then switch on the player that is kept in your pocket. But, with this technology, since there are no wires, the digital signals can be passed from your player to the headphone through your body, clothes, and shoes and so on. To play the next song or to adjust the settings you can do it by selecting one of the touching features as explained above.

If you want to send the photos that are stored in your camera to a laptop, all you have to do is make a contact between the laptop and the camera.

Other amazing applications also includes the sending of business cards to each other just by a shake hand, exchange telephone numbers while you are dancing, sending e-mails with a touch and so on.

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  1. prashanth

    Is tis harmful to our body….and we can easily hacked by touching hands

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  3. m.vedavyas

    is it possible to make this project with in 3 months?how much it costs?
    what are equipments required for transmitter n receiver?please provide us releated information fastly to my mail becoz we want to do project on this.

  4. what if we lost the red tacton card.
    Can any body use other’s red tacton card?

  5. can the signals be transmitted through dead bodies 🙂 ?? on what basis the skin is detected by the device??

    • i think that dead body are not genrete any signals

      i thinks so that its not works on the dead body…

      what do u think …

      replay me..

  6. Hi, I am a graduate student from Academy of Art University.
    I am doing research on technology for developing my design project. Can you send me more information about this technology? Who I should contact?

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    Planning to do a final year project using this technology.Can someone help us.

  8. elaiyarasu

    can i know about electrodes used in red tacton?

  9. elaiyarasu

    can u please give details about electrodes and transceiver used in this method

  10. amazing technology. but it too has a draw back.while transmitting some data. any one can easily hack by touching your body or clothes.without your knowledge

  11. amazing technology. but it too has a draw back.while transmitting some data. any one can easily hack by touching your body or clothes secrately

  12. i think there will be some side effects to our body by this…

  13. it should be! human body has an emf, you know that! 🙂

  14. is this technology using electrostatic field in our body?

    • Yes dear it will use the electrolytically charge on human body and on normal human being 0.03 electron volt charge always available on body.