Everyone is a newbie when they first start. In electronics, one of the best and satisfying things to create is an FM transmitter. This is maybe just me but it is still fun to create an FM transmitter even for a pro. So here is a very simple circuit to create an FM transmitter.

Two transistor FM transmitter

Circuit diagram

simple fm transmitter
Simple FM transmitter circuit


  1. Resistor 86k ohm – 1 nos
  2. Resistor 10k ohm – 1 nos
  3. Resistor 3.3k ohm – 1 nos
  4. Resistor 2.2k ohm – 1 nos
  5. Resistor 100 ohm – 1 nos
  6. Capacitor 1uF – 2 nos
  7. Capacitor 2.2nF – 2 nos
  8. Capacitor 4.4nF – 1 nos
  9. Capacitor 100pF – 2 nos
  10. Variable Capacitor 10pF – 2 nos
  11. Transistor BC108 – 1 nos
  12. Transistor 2N2369 – 1 nos
  13. Antenna – 1 nos


A lot of FM transmitter circuits have been already published here. This just another one, a simple two transistor FM transmitter.

The first stage of the circuit is a preamplifier stage based on transistor Q1. This is a collector to base biased amplifier stage where resistor R2 sets the collector current and R1 provided the necessary collector to base bias. C1 is the input DC decoupling capacitor which couples the input audio signal to the Q1 base. C8 is the power supply bypass capacitor.

Next stage is the oscillator cum modulator stage built around transistor Q2. Electrolytic capacitor C2 couples the output of the first stage to the second stage. R3 and R4 are the biasing resistors of Q2. R5 is the emitter resistor of Q2. Inductor L1 and trimmer capacitor C5 form the tank circuit which is necessary for creating oscillations. The modulated FM signal is available at the collector of Q2 and it is coupled to the antenna using capacitor C9.


  • The circuit can be powered from anything between 6 to 12V DC.
  • Using the battery for powering the circuit will improve the performance and reduce noise.
  • A 9V PP3 battery is a good option.
  • If you are going with a battery eliminator, then it must be well filtered and regulated.
  • Trimmer C5 can be used for adjusting the transmission frequency.
  • The antenna can be a 1m copper wire.
  • L1 can be constructed by making 4 turns of 1mm enamelled copper wire on a 10mm diameter plastic former.
  • Trimmer capacitor C6 can be adjusted for obtaining the maximum range.
  • Most of the components required for this circuit can be procured from your junk box.


  1. mwa daniel okocha

    hello freind, am a beginning ,but then in state of using variable capacitor 10pf ,What can i use to give me a good transmiter

  2. oliver patrick

    what is the transmission range radius and the power using the specifications above?

  3. oliver patrick

    which is the transmission range diameter and power of this transmitter pls?

  4. What does that audio in mean?
    A female audio plug or microphone.

  5. peter clarke

    hi, I would like to simulate the design before building. I do this all the time now with my projects because it shows up any problems.
    does anyone know the value of the inductor which is on the diagram? I need to put in a value for the inductor before simulating.

    • Seetharaman

      200 micro Henries approximately. (160 to 185 uH)

  6. has this circuit checked on simulator ? does it work ?

    • Seetharaman

      C4 is a decoupling capacitor can not be removed

  7. mkpoikana inyang

    please how can I get a value for an inductor to be used in any circuit construction

  8. i have made one for myself .but its range is very poor.can you please tell me how to increase the range.

    • Seetharaman

      ensure a good whip antenna is connected to the transmitter

  9. Shedrackshawulu@gmail.com

    Sir pls i need a working fm transmiter diagram dis nite because we have an urgent project tomorow pleas help me sir

  10. Sethram@email.com

    Please i need a 10km working fm transmitter for my project tomorrow please help me sir

  11. Ukam Elot

    I’m grateful for ur work so far. But, pls i need a book that can guide me on how to build a local FM station. I’m in Nigeria, west Africa.

  12. Harbinder

    Find Circuits/Schematics on web that are not visible in google search.
    Install and use in firefox as drop down in search engine bar.


  13. Seetharaman, how do i add crystal to the circuit to make the frequency stable? Show me where to add the crystal

  14. Sir, what should be the distance between first and last turns of inductor L1.

  15. apple mind

    Would you plz give me or publish a 100 mtr wirless intercom in10 days as u can .i challenge you

  16. John C Sunil

    can i use a electrct condensor mic in place of audio in?

  17. I want more explanation to get the output of this CKT when we run it in laboratory.when i was going to run it the output of L1 & C5.what i want to do?please reply me.

  18. kabiru garba kwadon

    please help me with the circuit diagram of 2km of fm transmittes.thanks from your boy

  19. sir, can you please tell me the use C3 and C4 capacitors ..???
    actually i am going to build one,but theoretically i am not able to find out the use of these two capacitors,

    Someone please help me …

    • C3 and C4 are for suppressing the ripple if any. And by ripple I mean any ac components. C3 prevents any noise disturbance to pass into the input of transistor Q2. and C4 suppresses voltage spikes and noise disturbance in the powersupply. Always in small circuits, typically a 100nf condesor will be connected from supply to gnd to bypass the unwanted ac components.

  20. I need to know how to make this tuneable. Any help would great. Also I am new at this kind of thing so please make it as simple as possible.

  21. Hello sir can i know the frequency at which this circuit works

  22. Zain Uddin

    Hi Seetharaman,

    Can i use BC107 instead of BC108~? pLease reply ASAP thanks

  23. Riya Chakraborty

    please i want a answer about FM transmitter……what is the function of FM transmitter in analog modulation?????????????

  24. Seetharaman

    Hi Sujeesh you have to use a non metalic screw driver to adjust the trimmer. may be an ebonite rod tip filed similar to screw driver’s tip will be the best.

  25. Sir,
    i made a fm transmitter similar to this circuit.and i can’t tune it correctly.it have one 20pf trimmer and while tuning it made clear reception when i touch in variable resirtor in the circuit.but when i don’t touch it,it will not make clear reception,can you help me? How can i make clear tuning?

  26. Seetharaman

    Hi This transmitter range will be similar to 200m FM Transmitter. The tunable frequency range can be between 80 & 150MHz with the adjustment of both L1 coil and trimmer C5.

  27. what wiil range of this circuit ? &
    which frequency it will transmit ? &
    how we change the frequency and range of this circuit ?

  28. Seetharaman

    Hi Ashnuka for BC108 you can use BC548 or 547 or any low noise NPN transistor but for 2N2369 you have to use 2N2219, 2N1711 or 8050

  29. What are the replacements for both transistors?Can i use BC547 or any npn?

  30. @Rajkumar
    This is a two stage FM transmitter. First stage is the preamplifier stage where the input audio is amplified for transmission.This stage is served by transistor BC108. Second stage is where the amplified signal is modulated to a carrier wave (produced by tank circuit L1 and C5). This modulation stage is served by transistor Q2 (2N2369)

  31. Hi, how much distance is this circuit can deliver?

  32. In theory C3 and C6 capacitors will cause damage to transistors. When transistor tries to saturate it will try to reduce the voltage across the capacitors to zero. However, if the capacitors are charged a large amount of current will flow into the transistor.

    An FM transmitter must have a modulator. All I see it amplifiers and filters.

  33. Forgot:
    -How do i make this transmitter stronger?
    -Thanks again!

  34. How long range is this transmitter for?
    How strong is the efect? (mW)

  35. Hi, how much distance is this circuit can deliver? this is a good circuit, that requires only minimum of parts from “junk box”
    Thanks in advance.

  36. Nafez Fares

    Iam already going to build tone detector by using NE567, to detect this circuit frequency .

    So please can you define the Frequencey of this Transmitter ?
    and it’s calulation equation ?

    In abrief I need Fo .

    Thanksssss alot

    Nafez Fares