In this project, we’re building a Single Chip FM Radio. The heart of this circuit is a digital IC – TDA7000. The design involves proper use of inductors and capacitors with correct values. Since the IC is dedicated to build radio circuits, this circuit is very much reliable to an extent.


Here is a compact low cost FM radio circuit using IC TDA 7000. This circuit is designed as per the data sheet and the result is excellent.Ideal for all category of electronic enthusiasts.

The TDA7000 is a monolithic integrated circuit for mono FM portable radios, where a minimum on peripheral components is crucial. The IC TDA 7000 has a Frequency-Locked-Loop system with an intermediate frequency of 70 kHz. The intermediate frequency selectivity is achieved by active RC filters. The only function which needs alignment is the resonant circuit for the oscillator, thus selecting the reception frequency. Spurious reception is avoided by means of a mute circuit, which also eliminates too noisy input signals. Special steps are taken to meet the radiation requirements.

FM Radio Circuit Diagram with Parts List. FM Radio Circuit


  • For L1 and L2 wind 5 turns of 0.6 mm enameled Copper wire on a 4 mm dia plastic former.
  • For antenna use a 50mm long insulated copper wire.
  • IC TDA 7000 can withstand up to 10 V supply voltage.But I recommend 6V.
  • Use an 8 Ohm speaker or Headphone at the audio output.

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  1. hi, i am trying to build this circuit and cant find the bb105.. could you please send me a link of a picture? thx

  2. what are the benefits of single chip fm radio than other radios

  3. Hello iam from Acharya ITI, Bangalore we required some of the receiver for our student to their project work they are

    IC based FM receiver, IC based Am receiver, IC based FM transmitter.
    pls reply


  4. Sir can i project that in bread board and how can i connect the audio output to headset

  5. Sir want do a fm reciver circuit . I seen a lot of circuit based on thing but in all circuit I does not seen tuing circuit diagram in that circuit diagrams I means that to chang frequency in fm reciver we use tuing circuit
    So, sir plz send me nice & simple circuit diagram of fm reciver which has internaly having tuning circuit….

    • yes sir ,i too had the same doubt how to chance frequency of channel

  6. esa janger

    avokelan runko pysty. 2.5nH- 35nH 2 kierrosta 0.6 emali lanka leveys noin 2mm. halkaisija 8mm feriitti sydän pituus 10mm “kierteet” kanava alueen säätö. (BB109a) toimii kohtalaisesti. huonot puolet on se “vihellys” jos jännite suuri 6-9v voi myös koteloida kerrostaa alumiinivoliolla esim 4-8 kerrosta ja liimata yhteen ja sovittaa valmiin kelan päälle “kuin hattu” yläpuolikelasta näkyviin. on viisasta että jätät kelan solenoidiin muutaman millin raon ympäriinsä. eristä juotetut päät esim. “pikaliimalla” ettei tule oikosulkua ns hatusta. kun näin tiputa ylä kautta liimaa “hattuun” ja odota. kun on kuivunut kokeile jos ei mitään muuta kuin kohinaa, “hattu” otaa kelan käämin johonkin juotokseen. kannattaa asentaa varactori diodi lähelle kelaa lyhyillä lankalla. kannattaa myös käyttää kuorimaadoitettua johta + johtimissa sekä audio johdoissa. itse käytn virta lähteenä 2×4,5 paristoa yht. 9v jos ei onnistu niin kolmas kerta toden sanoo

  7. Plz sir help me…i want to make fm radio transmitter for the cxa1619 bs receiver…wht is circuit diagram…

  8. yusuf m saringi

    I appreciate for many electronics circuit, all are very useful especially for me, and for others. thanks.

  9. Free FM Hit Radios Online

    I have plan to launch a radio station of my own. Learned from this rich article. Thanks author for sharing us.

  10. Seetharaman please give us fm receiver circuit using CD2003, or CSC2003P, because i cannot find ic TDA7000 in the market

  11. komunitas tda

    Sukses itu mudah, asal tahu jalannya.. Mari.. semangat berwirausaha…

  12. should we use PCB board or bread board for the connections? how many days are required for the completion of this project? can an individual perform it as the first project?

    • Seetharaman

      Hi Greeshma you have to use the PCB shown in the application datasheet of the manufacturer. If you have all components on hand with good solering iron and lead you can finish the project in 4 to 5 hrs(if you are good at soldering) If you are a beginner use only discrete component projects using simple transistors before starting with multi-pin ICs.

  13. mohanapriya

    sir im ece second year student studying in kec. i want an interesting and useul mini project title at less cost. i have to submitt my project b4 this month so help me sir…….

  14. what if i use a cxa1619bs ic?? should i just follow the circuit??

    • Seetharaman

      Yes Joey you can use Sony CXA1619BS it is a very good chip and freely available in the spare market. Use the recommended PCB shown in Sony application datasheet.

  15. Hi, Seetharaman plz help me,,,, plz send me circuit diagram of fm receiver with ic which available in village side also., or without ic on my email others can be help me as fast as within maximum 1day

  16. please give me fm receiver circuit with ic which can easily available in any market, &with sony cxa 1619 bs.please help me within 12 hrs

  17. usman umer

    I AM doing experiment form my childhood i have interest in automatic machines , transmitter and other circuits lm 741,lm555 timer,hcf4017 ,lm 3914 ic is very good for hobby

  18. Hi there !

    For anyone who still searches the TDA7000: it isn´t obsolete!
    Reichelt Elektronik ( ) sitll sales it, for
    an budget price 1,95 Euros. There is also the common known
    TCA440 for sale, around 10 Euros.

  19. Hello Seetharaman,

    I have heard the IC CXA1619BS (Sony)is a very good chip for FM radio circuits, is it possible to have a circuit around this IC, it is suitable for about 14 volts, hence with this circuit it can always be fitted in a car.



  21. priyabrat

    plsss send me a simple fm transmitter ckt wid description

  22. Asif Nadeem

    commercial radios start from 87.5Mhz to 108Mhz. how do i improve this design to get to that range? use bigger value of variable capacitor?

  23. The sony 1c u toked of has more dan 30pins n dis pins are stacked 2geda…cant even fit in a PCB…you knw of any Fm schematic using dis sony cx1916bs..
    THE tda 7000 can power a 8ohms speaker,i used Lm386l audio amp 2 do d amplification,unfortunating yet tune in2 a station,where is d prob 4m?,4m d varicap diode,or d coil? But i can hear d rushing noise just as every normal radio, pls i nid help?

  24. i can’t find where to give negative and positive terminal of the DC current. Please help me.

  25. I love electronics,in my childhood i was make little electronic project.after see this website i remember my child hood.
    Thank you admin.

  26. seetharaman

    Hi Dayal and Sunil the IC is very rare now. instead you can use Sony CXA1619BS chip which is very common, economical and very good. works down to 2.4volt. you can refer my earlier communication on this on 18th March.


    can you give me a sample…regarding the TDA7000 circuit above…?

  28. this circuit is good enough but i also see some chinies circuits which uses 3 volt power supply for the fm receiver circuits.
    so i am requesting you all to please search this type of circuit which is energy efficient.

  29. aljhon (real name)

    my priority is the pcb layout…can you give me a sample…regarding the tda7000 circuit above…

  30. aljhon (real name)

    is there any ic that can be a replacement for tda7000

  31. can you send a link where i can see a pcb layout for this projects

  32. sir how can i change the frequency of reciever?
    is it by changing the rheostat?

  33. Can this chip with a few external components btpass the FM demodulator and demodulate an AM or CW or DSB/USB/LSB Signal?? Seems like there is an output pin where the IF signal is avAilable Pin 12 (i.f. filter) or 16 (i.f. limiter)of this chip.

    I want to use this for Aircraft frequencies 110-137mhz which broadcast AM only.

  34. Unfortunatelly, TDA7000 is obsolete and hard to find. There was one schematic with TDA7000 and TDA7052 – perfect little radio.
    Someone mentioned CXA1619, which is even more obsolete.

    Do anyone know any new circuit ?

  35. Hi friends any one can give circuits regarding mobile phone. As iam student of electronics and iam very much interested in mobile and radio circuit making i want some mobile circuits. Plz help me to do some projects on mobile communication. I hope that all of you help me.

  36. Guys I want to build a FM transmitter whose input is from any USB device like Flsh Drive(Pen drive) OR MMC Card reader.
    It should play MP3’s stored in the pen drive……
    Any kind of help will do…

  37. hey friends i need mii project circuit related to automation………

  38. seetharaman

    hai sree, Sony CXA1619BS is the best FM radio chip with all necessary circuits including amplifier to drive speaker. this chip works from 14 volt down to 3 volt. performance of this chip is also great and economical. no special coils and ifts are required. std components are used. very easy to assemble. enjoy. see the enclosed web site.

  39. Good site.tda 7000 are seems to be obsolete now a days ,can you have any replacement for it ??


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH about TDA700 circuit with varicap tunning… I will make it… but about the varicap:
    is there another number can use it?
    exp. mv2009, bb109,…etc
    thank you again, good luck for all



    Please send to me some circuits diagram for students and bigginer,or do it-yourself circuit,literatures,brochure,catalogs and servives to the address below.

    PO BOX 1769


    • admin

      plenty of such circuits are already here. I will try to add more

  42. kingsley joseph

    please i need this note togetherwith its image in my mail box

  43. sanjay kumar thakur

    I want to get a circuit diagram of digital clock in a simple way for project
    I doing surfing many sites but not a sucessfull please help me reply as possible as

  44. i have no money to buy these components for expriment but i have very intrest in electronics.

  45. hi,i need a circuit equivalent to an antenna so that i don’t have to use an antenna in an fm transmitter.thanks,waiting very eagerly!!!

  46. Please i really need a simple fm radio circuit diagram. email me at Its important as i have a deadline to meet. thanks

  47. can the spools be replaced by ordinary spools that you can buy in a radioshack? my shack has various.

    • admin

      If the diameter, length and material of the spool are same then OK.

  48. am an electronic student.i want to make a home inverter.can u help me?

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  50. Thanks, this helped for my electronics coursework!! Cheers!

  51. My Radio Signal Repress All Internet Signal, But This System Not Working In 24 DC v 🙁

  52. hey man there is a problem with de potentiometer how is posible that the potentiometer is conected with the possitive and the ground of the source voltage?

    author: please take a close look.A POT as high as 100K is used is the fixed ends of the POT that are connected between positive and ground.At any condition the resistance between positive and ground will be 100K.This is almost equal to an open circuit.There is no chance of a short.

    ****(the problem comes when we connect the slider and one end of the POT across the power supply.When the slider is at low resistance position ,then there will be a short)****

  53. Does anyone know where I could purchase a tda7000 IC

  54. Audio output will not drive headphones or speakers as stated. Further amplification is required as the TDA7000 has an output of only 75mVrms into the 22K load. The supply needs to regulated where varicap tuning is used.

  55. comment:
    ok,but vcc max 2.5 vDC !!!!
    6 VDC burn out man….

    I don’t find any problem in connecting 6V supply to TDA 7000.The normal supply range of TDA 7000 is 2.7 to 10 Volts and the limiting value is 12V. So there is absolutely no problem in connecting 6V supply to the IC.For further proof you may please refer the datasheet of TDA 7400.Any way go ahead with the circuit.Thanks for the comment