Wearable, Stretchable, Water Resistant, Tear Resistant Antenna
Wearable, Stretchable, Water Resistant, Tear Resistant Antenna

People who go on adventure trips or hiking carry gadgets that send signals back to another station, who can easily track them if they go missing. Most gadgets available today are bulky and have to be kept safely inside the pocket. But they are prone to fall out and you may not even know it. Researchers at the European Space Agency developed a new type of tracking antenna along with the help of a Finnish company. The device can easily be sewn to your pant or back pack. The device will not be damaged even if it is stretched, and can also be worn inside water and is tear resistant. Click here to see how well the device holds up to scrunching.

The device was mainly designed for people who travel in water. The device sends signals that are received by the Corpas-Sarsat distress signal network. Just like a radio beacon on ships, the signals from the antenna are transmitted on to a satellite. But, like a radio beacon, the antenna will also have to be activated, unless and until it is a distress call. The satellite detects the low frequency signal, calculates the location, and passes it on to the rescuers near the search area.

Even if a person is held captive by terrorists, they will not be able to find any tracking device and will easily mistake the antenna for a piece of cloth. If the captive is able to send the signal, the rescuers can easily track him down and save him.

An outdoor equipment company called Viking started integrating this device on to their life vests and is ready to be sold in the market.


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