Static 0 to 9 display

jacky April 14, 2010 45 Comments

The circuit shown here is of a simple 0 to 9 display that can be employed in a lot of applications. The circuit is based on asynchronous decade counter 7490(IC2), a 7 segment display (D1), and a seven segment decoder/driver IC 7446 (IC1).
The seven segment display consists of 7 LEDs labelled ‘a’ through ‘g’. By forward biasing different LEDs, we can display the digits 0 through 9. Seven segment displays are of two types, common cathode and common anode. In common anode type anodes of all the seven LEDs are tied together, while in common cathode type all cathodes are tied together. The seven segment display used here is a common anode type .Resistor R1 to R7 are current limiting resistors. IC 7446 is a decoder/driver IC used to drive the seven segment display.
Working of this circuit is very simple. For every clock pulse the BCD output of the IC2 (7490) will advance by one bit. The IC1 (7446) will decode this BCD output to corresponding the seven segment form and will drive the display to indicate the corresponding digit.

Circuit diagram.

0 to 9 display


  • The circuit can be assembled on a perf board.
  • Use 5V DC for powering the circuit.
  • The clock can be given to the pin 14 of IC2.
  • D1 must be a seven segment common anode display.
  • All ICs must be mounted on holders.

  • kathiravan
    July 13, 2015

    how to clock pulse to the IC2 7490 and give any other alternative method is available for provide clock pulse?

  • kathiravan
    July 13, 2015

    hi sir
    I have a question is how to give clock pulse in that IC2 7490. instead can i give 5v dc supply???? answer me or give any alternative answer for my question.

  • James
    July 12, 2015

    What IC did you use ? DM7446 OR 74LS ? PLEASE REPLY

  • James
    July 10, 2015

    Sir , can i ask something what that you use ? CD7448 or SN7448 ? SN74ls48 ? sorry for this question i didnt read all the comment below . i just read the description and theres no detail about what ic has been used. Please answer me ,thank in advance 🙂

  • v-ju
    May 12, 2014

    sir will u plz ans my question.
    my quetion is that
    What are the applications of 0 to 9 static display??
    plz rply as soon as possible.

    • Seetharaman
      May 13, 2014

      for each pulse input the counter will advance by one. that is the indication will advance 0,1,2,3….9 for each pulse in. use the carry over of 7490 to next (10s) counter then it will read from 00 to 99. The application is unlimited. Say number of people passing a check post, no of bottles or any item passing through a conveyor etc, by using suitable sensor like micro switch, optical or proximity sensor etc.

    • Seetharaman
      May 13, 2014

      hello for each pulse input the counter will advance by one. that is the indication will advance 0,1,2,3….9 for each pulse in. use the carry over of 7490 to next (10s) counter then it will read from 00 to 99. The application is unlimited. Say number of people passing a check post, no of bottles or any item passing through a conveyor etc, by using suitable sensor like micro switch, optical or proximity sensor etc.

  • April 20, 2014

    thank u ……..these circuit daigram are very helpul in our mini more circuit daigram..thnks

  • October 5, 2013

    @ ijaz these are the current limitation resistor for 7segment the maximum rating of current is 10ma. If we use large value of resistor then our 7 segment Brightnss will be low.

    March 17, 2013

    U can’t evev imagine tht hw mch th abov ckt help in doing my mini project.thnk u so mch

  • Ijaz ktk
    January 14, 2013

    Sir why we use R1 to R7 = 220ohm resistors in this ckt………? Can we use the other resistors which have different values. e.g (R1 to R7 = 1kohm, 50ohm etc;) except R1 to R7 = 220ohm.

    Urgently plzzzzzzzz or mail me on my id (

    Thanks & Regards.
    Ijaz KTK

    • Anish
      January 15, 2013

      Well, you can use. But remember as you keep increasing the resistor value the brightness of the display keeps decreasing. And yes, decreasing the resistor value below 220R will increase the brightness but will also damage the display. Hope you get this. BTW, read some good basic electronics.

  • Cappelli
    May 14, 2012

    Had to switch out 7446 to a 7447 to get the decade counter to work

  • hossein
    January 24, 2012

    how i can display 0 to 9 random?it means that like flasher not counter

  • Ole
    January 19, 2012

    hi sir, my question is same as louie.

    fyi, i had put a switch to make the display stay at 9 and it’s succesful but what other components that i can use to replaced the switch? can we use gates? and if yes, how should i place it? i want it to stop and stay at 9 automatically. please help me. i wanna know this really bad. thank you sir. have a nice day 🙂

  • Tamiru Negewo
    January 14, 2012

    I want u’r ckt

  • Aswani
    November 27, 2011

    Sir !
    This o to 9 counter is well but wht should we do if we need to implement a more than one digit counter ?

  • Seetharaman
    November 10, 2011

    Hi Priyank input pulse is given to Pin14 of the IC to count. each pulse it will move to next number in ascending order. You can use apush to on switch connect between 5volt and Pin14. for each push the number will advance.

  • priyank
    November 9, 2011

    it is necessary to give clockpuls to corcuit ya we give inplace of clockpuls a 5v of batttery???

  • louie
    October 7, 2011

    sir how can i do a counter just like this except that it will not reset after reaaching 9 but will stay at 9. for example 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, after 9 it wont loop to zero and just stay there. thanks

  • October 6, 2011

    Sir a have a few questions to ask and i need you to answer my questions immediately please coz tomorrow i’ll be defending my project and one of the circuits that i used there is your design,here are my questions:
    1.Why is it that you didn’t use a encoder?usually there is an encoder before the decoder.
    2.How did you compute the values of the resistor?
    3.What is the use of the asynchoronous decade counter?Does it really need to be asynchronous?
    4.What should be the clock that i will use here?can i use a 555 astable multivibrator circuit to provide the BCD input??

    PLEASE REPLY..THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR and to anyone who can help me..THANKS!

    September 7, 2011

    Sir,i wanted to know that can we use a astable circuit of 555 timer to feed the clock signal to Ic 7490??plz reply…

  • greggy
    August 30, 2011

    hello sir

    can u help provide some circiuits that would displayed 0-9
    with just a push botton.say e.g. ill presh #4 button and the led will automatically display (4)or else the #3 button and it also displayed (3) i really need it asap.plsssssss

    thanks ………..

  • phil
    August 7, 2011

    hi guys., pls help me,.i want to build an up and down counter using 1 digit seven segment display,.can somebody sends me a circuit that counts from 0-9 then will reverse. and the switch to be used is a sensor,.

  • Anish
    July 1, 2011

    Hi mr, seetharaman,
    As you said, when i take carry from pin 11 i.e,QD then there is a count for numbers 8 (1000) and 9(1001) and i want a carry when the counter counts (0000)to initiate next counter.

  • Jonathan
    June 27, 2011

    Thanks a lot! . . . this ckt surely help me build a coin operated timer for a Inet CAFE.

    see it here:

    email me if u wanna share ideas with me…tnx

  • seetharaman
    June 27, 2011

    Hi Anish
    1. Output QA is connected to input B for BCD count.
    2. Output QD is connected to input A for binary count

  • Anish
    June 26, 2011

    Hi sir,
    Thankyou for your kind reponse…
    So, if i want to construct a bcd clock..
    How to reset it after 6 counts?
    I mean i have 6 7490ic and wanna build a bcd clock..

  • Anish
    June 18, 2011

    Hi sir,
    How can we generate carry in the 7490 after the count of ten to start the counting of another display? for example, to build a counter to count from 0 t0 60 used for building binary clock?

  • Seetharaman
    March 15, 2011

    Hi Amiri use CD4029 instead of CD4017. CD4029 is an up / down counter.
    refer the application data

  • Khurram Amiri
    March 14, 2011

    Hi sir,
    Please send me the simple circuit of reverse countdown starting from 9 to 0…
    I will be very thankful to u

  • Circuitscrap
    February 16, 2011

    Hi you guys. What I’m wondering is how to get the 7490 to reset to 1 instead of 0. I got two 7-segment displays that reset to zero after they reach 12. Another group is trying to get their two 7-segment displays to reset after 60.

  • vashanth
    February 15, 2011

    thank you very much sir…
    i’ll try it and send you the comment….

  • Seetharaman
    February 12, 2011

    Hi Vasanth each positive going pulse to the input pin 14 will add 1 to indicated number. say if it was at 4 with one positive going input pulse it will change to 5 it will count up to 9 and reset back to zero.
    you can simply produce pulse through a 10k resistance connected bet ween positive and pin 14 of the IC through bell push switch. each push will add one to the displayed digit.

  • vashanth
    February 12, 2011

    how can i give clock pulse to this circuit?
    if there any another circuit for that clock pulse, please provide me the details….

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