The circuit diagram present here is that of a street light that automatically switches ON when the night falls and turns OFF when the sun rises. In fact you can this circuit for implementing any type of automatic night light.

The circuit uses a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) to sense the light .When there is light the resistance of LDR will be low. So the voltage drop across POT R2 will be high.This keeps the transistor Q1 ON. The collector of Q1(BC107) is coupled to base of Q2(SL100). So Q2 will be OFF and so do the relay. The bulb will remain OFF.

When night falls the resistance of LDR increases to make the voltage across the POT R2 to decrease below 0.6V. This makes transistor Q1 OFF which in turn makes Q2 ON. The relay will be energized and the bulb will glow.

Circuit diagram with Parts list.



  • POT R2 can be used to adjust the sensitivity of the circuit.
  • You can use bulb of any wattage, provided that relay should have the sufficient rating.
  • The circuit can be powered from a regulated 9V DC power supply.
  • Click Here! to get the power supply circuit for this project.
  • The relay K1 can be a 9V SPDT relay.


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    hello sir. can i get the full report of this project? i need as the reference to my project.

  2. Send me the list of components and their specification for automatic street light, especially the relay used in the circuit

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    is it not possible to have the circuit work with a 9v battery or possibly 12v cos I am just looking at the circuit to be independent of mains supply?? I want a Circuit that’s independent of mains, please say something about the request?

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  14. does that spdt changes/rectify ac signals to dc signals???

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    can we construct this circuit on the bread board or do we need any other medium to construct it.

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  20. Why is the circuit includes a 9v dc? What is it for? Can i eliminate it if i want to create the project?

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      it is not so expensive.
      you can do it within 100 rupees.

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  24. Sir, i have no facilitys to watch videos on youtube, so can please send me the circute diagrame and the camponants with valus wanted to make the circute please sir. It is very urgent to me to make a exhibit to my school anual exhibition so please help me sir.Please

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  26. I couldn’t find bc107 and sl100 transistors. Please tell me their alternatives.

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  28. Can u plz give me the connection of spdt relay…
    Sir I am using 12V supply and 12 V spdt relay without modifying any components…is it ok..??

    • Muzammmil

      madam there is five terminals of relay system. three terminal side is used for output, while the other in between two terminals of output is used as common. which is used to connect anyone terminal of input terminals.

  29. hello sir , we are doing project on ip encryptors, in this when one encryptor gone bad, other one should come into the action that is the theam. so we are using relay circuitry for shifting the control signal when encryptor fails to boot,so to drive that control signal we are using driver ic, but we are in confusion, where to place that ic, wheater before the relay or after the relay. please send your reply to mail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      can u give me info about the components needed in ths ckt and also the cost for each component i will be vry thankful to you.

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  33. sir please give me full description about the whole circuit thanks

  34. wouldn’t using an op-amp give a better accuracy?

    • Seetharaman

      Here accuracy is not very important as the circuit is only a binary control if it measuring analog information and calculating then an opamp is a must. for this circuit approximate light intensity is used for changeover which can be set by trial and error by the pot.

  35. we want to use micro-controller in this circuit and also want to replace bulb by LED.So what will be the estimated cost of this project? and what modifications will be required?Plz reply fast…

    • Seetharaman

      No need to make the circuit complicated by micro control etc. the circuit is very simple and fail safe with very few components. You can use the relay’s potential free contact to switch on anything

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        sir, i am a college student. i just want to do this project. i had a doubt that how the voltage drop occurs with the LDR device. can you please explain it sir. by connecting what device the voltage drop may occurs. please reply me sir. and i need your mail id to contact you.. please….

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  49. Automatic stritelight control using ldr

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    • please reply me alternatly using another transisters in thise circuits. becou’s thise are not available nearly in my village (above circuit added components works surly) i take thise project in my class
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  67. You can can get exactly 9volt if you make use of step down transformer of 9Volt that’s if you want to get a proper results

  68. Seetharaman

    Hi you can use a 6 volt relay but not 12 volt relay, as the voltage across it will be around 8.4 volts may not produce sufficient magnetic pull for the relay contact to change over.

  69. sir i have made the same connections as above but instead of 9V relay,I used 12V relay n gave 9V dc battery as in figure but i m not getting output.wud 12V relay make any difference? shuld i change it to 9V relay to get output?

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    sir,we want automatic street light controller by using timer and counter.we want controlling the street light as follows,day time-6.30a.m to 6 p.m-light off,6.30 p.m to 7.30 p.m-light glows alternately,7.30 p.m to 6 a.m-light on,6 a.m-7 a.m-light glows alternately.So please send related circuit diagram,we are waiting for your circuit diagram.

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    can I use a 15w. CFL as the 230V Lamp ? /is it strictly need a BULB?

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  85. sir during rainy season salt formation will be there on ldr so that light will glow day time also. how can we avoid this problem?
    and how to arrange the circuit on the street light in all seasons? i want to test this by connecting it to a street light. plz give me answer sir..

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  89. please sir i want full report of this circuit with power circuit also

  90. Sir,
    Can u suggest any additional features that can be added to the circuit above? I’d be really grateful.

  91. Sir,
    Can u suggest any additional features that can be added to the circuit above? I’d be really grateful.

  92. Johnsheen

    This circuit is working very well. I have connected it to a flickering Flash light. I have a Farm house where the wild Elephants are the uninvited guests. I am using Xenon flash light to threaten the Elephants as they are very bright and consume less power. Also I am going to connect a Audio system which will play during the nights creating a feeling of presence of people inside the house.

  93. i got out put sir thanks
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  94. Seetharaman

    Hi Harish THE PROBLEM MAY BE WITH YOUR ldr. WHAT IS THE DARK AND DAYLIGHT VALUES OF THE LDR. You can use 220k or 470k instead of 100k if your LDR values are high. To check whether the electronics is OK. disconnect LDR and fix a 47K resistance. now turn the pot from one end to other, at one point of the pot, the change should occur(relay energising and de energising). if it is not happening your wiring is wrong may be c b e is wrongly connected or may be the transistors are defective. connect a diode 1N4007 in parallel with the relay such that diode anode is conncted to 9vlt positive bus to protect Q2.

  95. reply me sir it tooo urgent for me mr seetharaman

  96. tha lamp glowing even though the light on ldr what is the problem sir

  97. sir i got out put bt the lamp glowing allways even though i changed a intensity of lamp on ldr

  98. seetharaman sir sir am given total connections same as ckt bt am not getting out put

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  102. hello sir
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    can you tell me the required items with specific details…
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  103. Seetharaman

    Hi Jainson increase the supply voltage to 12 volt DC regulated one capable of atleast 300mA. you have to provide a black tube of 6 to 8″ in length on the LDR such that it looks at open sky without getting the rays from the nearby light sources. The circuit is quite reliable and it works nicely.

  104. please i want to know more about projects on automatic street ligth.

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    i made d project … the relay dnt gets switched with change in intensity of light….i used 12v relay….plz help

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    Could u give the relay specifications..


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  109. Sir, I need the names of components used in automatic street light

  110. Respected Sir, can i use IR sensor for automatic street light? How?

  111. sir i need to use microcontrooler in the circuit….plz help me

  112. hi! is 100K preset value of R2 or it is a set value??? if it is not then what is the set value???

  113. sir, we require an automatic street light circuit using ldr and npn transistors in darlington connection &relay .please send us the report.

  114. seetharaman

    Hi Ram SPDT is singe pole double throw contact, nothing but a relay with a change over contact. (volt DC is the supply for the circuit to operate. It should have been shown as 9vols DC plus (+9volts) and negative to common shown as ground (emitter of Q1 & Q2).

  115. iam not able to understand about SPDT relay and 9V dc plz give me the clarification

  116. Thenmozhi

    pls suggest me component for ldr and pot resistor to simulate this circuit in pspice

  117. Sir, pls help discuss on the issue of the movement detector. PLEASE!

  118. Sir, I haven’t heard from you yet. PLS IT’S URGENT!

  119. seetharaman

    Hi Ishan you can use 2N2222, 2N2221, 8050, 2N1711, BC167, BC237, BC317 any NPN small signal transistor can be used.

  120. Sir, It’s not possible to find BC 107 in my country. is there any other equivalent transistor for this BC 107 ? thanks

  121. Infact how do we go about the movement detector circuit? what form of sensor can be best used? should it be sound or metal or what? pls it’s urgent.

  122. Owing to your comment on August 13th, I would like you to please send a circuit that will give room for a movement detector in your circuit, such that during off peak periods say after 10pm, the illumination will be reduced or using the 50% idea as u’ve said, but whenever an obstacle gets nearer, it gives full illumination or 100%.

    my email add:
    Pls it’s urgent.

  123. seetharaman

    Hi Luckydile 220uF will be a very large value delay will be larger, still you can try. if 4.7uF is available you can try.

  124. Luckydile

    sir pls,i’ve got this topic as a,the 10microfarad 12V capacitor u added to cut off transient responses is not available around here.pls tel me another capacitor that wil do the job or wil 220microfarad 16V capacitor do? Thank you sir.

  125. Luckydile

    pls sir,i’ve got this topic as a,the 10microfarad 12V capacitor u added to cut off transient responses is not available around here.pls tel me another capacitor that wil do the job or wil 220microfarad 16V capacitor do? Thanks so much.


    sir i am student of electronics engineering i have need component of the ultrasonic motion detector.



  128. seetharaman

    Hi James you can connect 2nos hi bright white LEDs in series and a resistance of 47 ohms 1/4 watt also in series connect them in place of the relay shown, such that anode of LED is towards 9 volt +ve.

  129. James Craig

    Hi there, great circuit! Can the relay be swapped for an LED. If so which way will it be connected?


  130. seetharaman

    Hi Kecik you can but the circuit will not work if you shout near microphone the relay at the most can chatter, that is all.

  131. KecikSpoon

    sir, can i change the LDR to electret microphone.???

  132. seetharaman

    Hi Nandita for traffic sensing you can use Doppler Shift sensing method or IR movement detector or any movement detector. To avoid special circuits for florescent light dimming, use two lights in each fitting you need switch off one for 50% illumination. for switching you can use SSR or standard mechanical relays. You use a dark detector during dusk switch on both the lights after 4 hours it will switch off one light and with movement detector it can come on. once no movement is detected it will again switch off. during dawn both will go off. This will work when suddenly it becomes dark even during day time due to dark clouds

  133. Sir, Im a final year Btech student, and would like to do an extension of this project. ie..The streetlight is fully bright during the peak hours of traffic, say from 6pm to 10pm.After 10pm it automatically goes to a power saving mode with 50% brightness, and then when a vehicle or pedestrian approaches, it again goes to 100% brightness. Hoping for your valuable suggestions.

  134. bharadwaj

    give the circuit for mobile controlled street light system………….?????????

  135. thank you sir, this very useful circuit to me .i have more intrest about electronic projects .

  136. VG Krishna, Hyderabad

    Sir, I assembled the above circuit along with the additions suggested by Sri Seetharaman (May 14, 2011 above -to avoid chattering and transient response)and using the light in my courtyard and it is working excellent. Whenever we go out (by locking the house) we switch it on and by the time we return during night, the light automatically is on during dusk. Very good facility and security to the house. The circuit is simple and better than other circuits which use a Triac (I also assembled the same) wherein I find lot of flicker in the incandescent light during the transition period(day/night). I Thank Circuitstoday for giving the above circuit.

  137. Seetharaman

    Hi Abhijan Pl refer my comment dated 28th April. Adjust R2 for you requirement. If you want small delay you can add a capacitor of 10 to 100uF between Q2 base and common ground. If you want to have a small difference in light level between switching on and off add a 100k resistance between Q2 collector and Q1 base.

  138. Hello sir. The circuit is really helpful. I had a doubt though. I have a 12V bulb and a DC supply from the battery of the vehicle itself. How can I modify this circuit so that I can use the LDR system to automatically switch on the light with decrease in Visible light!

  139. Seetharaman

    Hi Edwardson you are right you can fix a 10uF 12 volt capacitor in parallel to R2 that will take care of transient response. This simple circuit itself is having enough hysteresis hence chattering will not be a problem. Still if you feel it is not sufficient can add around 1M resistance between Q2 collector and Q1 base.

  140. Edwardson

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but this circuit seems to be prone to at least two conditions:

    1. “chattering” — when ambient light level is at or crossing the trip point, the relay/load can rapidly switch on and off, the reason being that there’s no hysteresis built into the circuit. For better performance the ambient light level at which the load is switched on will be slightly lower than the level at which it is switched off.

    2. abrupt, transient, and large changes in ambient light level will “fool” the circuit into switching the load on/off. Example: during the night, lightning and car head lamps might make the circuit turn off the load for the duration of the high ambient light level. So there’s a need for a low pass filter to make the circuit reject these transients. A simple RC network connected to the base of Q1 might be sufficient.

  141. Seetharaman

    Hi Mouly no change is required you can increase the supply voltage to 12volt with 12 volt relay.

  142. Dear Sir,i can only find 12v relay in my place.Can i use 12v relay?any changes should i make in the circuit.Waiting for reply

  143. Hi
    i am a final year student,i was given a project on the design of a street light using a low energy LED i dont know how to get the circuit diagram and also the procedure to follow in actualising the project.plz if you can help me with the circuit diagram send it to my email i need it urgently thank you in address:-

  144. Seetharaman

    Hi Rajashree + of nine volt is given to line indicated as 9V DC. – is given to the common shown as ground. BC 107 is a small signal NPN transistor in T018 casing. SL100 is a medium power medium current transistor in T05 casing. Since the relay used is 9volt the supply also should be minimum 9 volt to operate it.

  145. Rajashree

    Please tell me how 9v dc supply is given? And about sl 100 and bc 107? Why it is used and their properties? Please give the calculations of 9v dc suply to the circuit.

  146. Seetharaman

    Hi Deepanshu Q1 is sensing comparator and Q2 is relay driver.When the light is falling on LDR it resistance becomes low biasing Q1. it conducts the base bias available for Q2 through R3. Q2 stops conducting and the relay is switched off. once the light falling on LDR reduces its resistance increased reducing the bias for Q1 and stops conduction. since Q1 is not conducting the bias for Q2 is made available, the relay conducts and the light is switched on. The light sensitive level to operate the relay can be adjusted with preset R2.

  147. deepanshu

    sir,i m a ist year student…i want to know wat is the need of transistors in the above circuit…if possible,please send me details about the working of these two transistors….w8ing 4 ur reply..
    thank you

  148. Navas basheer

    hi,i am doing a project on this same topic with an extension that it has an automatic intensity control circuit. the brightness must be adjusted when any car or object passes the street light..waiting for your valuable suggestion 🙂

  149. sir what is the replacement of bc 107 and sl 100… wala kc mabili d2 na ganyan

    • admin

      BC107 = 2N2222 = BC548

      SL100 = BD139 = BD135

  150. sir
    i need the connection diagram of led street light b/c i need it to done in my country b/c as my country is a developing country and we use high power consumption lamp and they have not longer life so please tell me how to done this.
    thank you

  151. Balu Bhargav

    Sir can we design an intelligent street light controller which switches itself on when a vehicle is detected? and then switches off by itself after the vehicle passes away?

  152. sir,
    i used ur ckt n developed a ckt of automatic car headlight dipper…
    thnx 4 uploading ur ckt….
    having minor viva tomorrow…
    will tell u how it went related 2 ur ckt…

  153. sir ,
    when a light falls on ldr its resistance increase and current increases then ldr has high resistance in the absence of light
    then how the street light works

  154. Seetharaman

    Hi Vikas 230volt AC to 15 volts SMPS are available in the market at reasonable cost. you can buy that and use with LED circuit. (why you require 15volts for the LED ?). can you kindly elaborate your requirement


    Sir i am polytechnic stud. plese give me complyt cicuit diagram and project report to street light to 230 volt ac and pass to 15 volt dc supply for led

  156. Sir, I am doing my diploma in industrial electrical, I have to make diagram using Contactor, RCD or MCB, Timer for automatic switch on, six 400 watt flood lights,

  157. seetharaman

    Hi bu i am just back from my pilgrimage you can use 2N2218 2N2219 BD135, 2N1711 any medium power NPN T05 casing or T0220 casing transistor will do.

  158. abu Farih

    tanya ke seetharaman
    pa ada ganti tuk SL 100,thanks

  159. respected sir can we make this project(microcontroller base street light control )?
    if yes than how to implement it?give some brief information about circuit diagram?
    i look forward for positive speedy reply.thanking you. sir it’s urgent.

  160. JOHN PAUL

    can i use a single automatic switch for the whole street lightings? what type of sensor will i use? thanks in advance..

  161. Sir,

    Only 12v relay is available in our area so what modifications has to be done to make the circuit work with a 12v power supply.


  162. chidiebere madubuko

    how i mine going to use the street light to light up 15 point of light 200watt each.

  163. Sir, Thank you very much for this circuit. I am a first year BTEC student. I have a question regarding the nine volts voltage applied in the light-detecting bit of the system. It is: How does the street light in our roads actually access a 9v supply? Do they use a step-down transformer and rectifier? Thank you sir.

  164. seetharaman

    Hi Sunita You can use the Dew sensitive switch appeared in this column in “Circuits Today”(which uses LM358 dual OP amp). You can modify the circuit and use. Instead of using dew sensor replace it with LDR. output you can use an opto-coupled triac to control the Street Lighting. If you have any doubt please contact.

  165. sir,i am the student of B Tech 2nd year, I gonna do a mini project of topic ‘Automatic Street Light Switching Device’. I am using an integrated circuit ICLM358. sir please design the circuit diagram using this IC.

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    sir?can I use 220v AC source, instead of 230v? thank you…

  169. Can I model the street lighting circuit using pspice?

  170. How can we get a 9v DC in street lighting system which is totally working in ac supply. Is there any method to generate 9v Dc from universal ac mains 110-230 Vac without any resistor losses and heating issues. kindly help me.


    sir please tell me which relay i can use

    • admin

      Author: The value of relay is added in the notes.thanks for pointing out.

      • mehboobelahi

        sir why we use 9v battery in the circuit.
        althoug all the circuit is operating in AC main current,plz tell me breafely why we use battery in the circuit.

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