StunRay Technology

We have seen movies where a suspect points the gun at the cops who are forced to shoot him to save their own lives. Due to this, either one or both of them get hurt. A new technology (also can be called as a weapon) called StunRay has been developed by a company called Genesis Illumination which can be used to capture the suspect without much violence and bloodshed. The device they developed has already been patented and is expected to be used by cops in the future.


StunRay Device
StunRay Device

The company claims that the device is equipped with a high intensity light which, when flashed on to the eyes of a suspect will leave him blind for a short time. What actually happens is that when an intense white light is flashed on to the eyes, the neutral networks that are connected on to the retina gets overloaded and causes the eyes to be blinded by white light.


According to Todd Eisenberg, the inventor of the device, when the light is flashed upon the eyes, the inverse of blindness actually happens due to the absence of contrast sensitivity. The procedure is same as to what happens when a person moves from a highly illuminated room to a dark room. Due to the whiteness in his eyes, the suspect tends to freeze which gives ample time for the police to apprehend the suspect. The suspect will recover his sight within a few minutes.

Advantages over Taser Guns

  • Taser Guns hurts the suspect with an electric shock and can also cause lead him to cardiac arrest. A StunRay does not hurt the suspect, but inturn keeps him blind for a few minutes.
  • The maximum range suitable for tasers is from 12 to 15 feet. The StunRay can be used from as far as 150 metres and still blind the suspect with the same intensity.
  • The device is very easy to handle and is reliable. There is no need of other devices or logistics for its support.

Disadvantages of StunRay

  • One serious problem of using StunRay is its inability to incapacitate a person when he is not facing the high intensity light. The suspect must be face to face with the device if the light has to hit his eyes. Otherwise lethal weapons have to be used for incapacitating the suspect.


The inventors recently developed their latest prototype called the StunRay XL-2000 which has many features apart from the high intensity light method.

Some features include

  • A high intensity light to blind a person and capture him without any hurt or injury. The person will be distracted within a fraction of a second and will be blind for only a few minutes. If there is a small group of people, the adjustable beam can be used. With the adjustable beam, the light can be targeted at a small group.
  • The user can also adjust the intensity of light according to the threat he is facing. When used at a close range, the device can suppress and outrun a target. If it is a little far away, the device can be used to distract and deter targets. Far from its range (greater than 2 miles or so), the device can be used to warn and observe the targets.
  • A high beam searchlight that can be focussed at objects that is even a mile away. The light is almost ten times more intense than the light that is used for aircraft landing. The beam width can be easily adjustable from an angle of 1° to 10°.
  • A bright IR illuminator that can be used for spying works and covert surveillance. The IR can be used to spot objects a mile away and also can be used for overwhelming sensors very far away.  The device has a Xenon short-arc lamp that produces incoherent light in the broadband spectrum. The light is emitted through the IR spectrum which, with the help of suitable optics can be useful for IR illumination.
  • The device can be run with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with a runtime of 1 hour.

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