15W Class B Audio Amplifier

admin August 18, 2011 7 Comments
Audio Amplifier Circuit – 15 Watts The circuit below is  of a  15 Watts Class B audio amplifier circuit  designed using a dual Op-amp and transistors.   Description : The circuit shown here is of a simple Class-B audio amplifier...
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Active crossover circuit

admin February 9, 2011 4 Comments
Active Crossover Circuit Given below is an Active crossover circuit suitable for HiFi audio systems using LM833, the dual operational amplifier. Description: Crossover circuits are of two types, active and passive. Passive crossover circuit uses passive components only and...
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Bridge Amplifier using TDA 4935

admin June 1, 2015 1 Comment
Bridge Amplifier The circuit given below is a bridge audio amplifier circuit using IC  TDA4935. Description : TDA4935 is 2x15W high quality audio amplifier IC from Siemens. The IC can be used in stereo mode or bridge mode. In...
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HiFi headphone amplifier circuit

admin January 7, 2011 4 Comments
Description. LM4880 is HiFi dual audio amplifier IC from National Semiconductors. This IC is specifically designed to produce high quality audio output with a minimum number of external components.LM4880 is capable of delivering 250mW per channel into an 8...
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Motor driver using TC4424

admin January 6, 2011 3 Comments
Description. The circuit shown below is of a DC motor driver circuit based on the IC TC4424 from Microchip. TC 4424 is a dual MOSFET driver that can be used in a variety of applications like SMPS, pulse transformer...
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H bridge motor driver circuit

admin July 4, 2012 8 Comments
Description. The circuit given here is of a simple H bridge motor driver circuit using easily available components. H Bridge is a very effective method for driving motors and it finds a lot of applications in many electronic projects...
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10V switching regulator using LM5007

admin September 2, 2010 7 Comments
Description. The circuit diagram shown here is of a 10V switching regulator based on the LM5007 from National Semiconductors. The LM5007 is an integrated step down switching regulator which has all necessary systems required for making a cost effective...
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20W audio amplifier using LM1875

admin August 14, 2010 8 Comments
Description. This is just another 20W audio amplifier circuit , but this time based on the LM1875 audio amplifier IC from National Semiconductors. With a 25V dual power supply LM1875 can deliver 20W of audio power into a 4...
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20W audio amplifier using TDA7240

admin August 12, 2010 18 Comments
Description The audio amplifier shown here is based on the TDA7240 IC from ST Microelectronics. The TDA 7240 is an integrated audio amplifier IC that can deliver 20 watts of audio output power into a 4ohm load. The IC...
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