Long duration timer circuit.

admin April 7, 2010 33 Comments
Description. This timer circuit can be used to switch OFF a particular device after around 35 minutes. The circuit can be used to switch OFF devices like radio, TV, fan, pump etc after a preset time of 35 minutes....
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Door bell circuit using NE555

jacky January 27, 2014 24 Comments
Description. The main part of this doorbell circuit are two NE555 timer ICs.When some one presses switch S1 momentarily, the loud speaker sounds a bell tone as long as the time period of the monostable multivibrator built around IC1....
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Lamp flasher circuit

admin April 7, 2010 6 Comments
Description. This simple circuit that can be used to flash incandescent lamps up to 10W power rating.The circuit is ideal for making flashing beacons on automobiles and other applications like that.The circuit is nothing but  an astable multi vibrator...
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Water level alarm circuit

admin January 23, 2018 130 Comments
Description. Here is a simple water level alarm circuit using 555 timer that will produce an audible alarm when the water level reaches  a preset level.The circuit can be powered of a  3V battery and is very handy to...
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12 V Florescent lamp driver circuit

admin April 7, 2010 8 Comments
Description. Here is a simple and effective circuit for driving florescent lamps from a 12 V supply.The circuit is nothing but consists of an oscillator, a MOSFET switch and a step-up transformer for driving the florescent lamp. The IC1...
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Contactless telephone ringer circuit

admin April 7, 2010 7 Comments
Description. The contact less telephone ringer circuit can produce a ring as well as a visual indication when a call comes.The main advantage is that since there is no direct contact between the phone line and the circuit there...
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Mobile incoming call indicator

admin January 23, 2018 205 Comments
Description. This circuit can be used to escape from the nuisance of mobile phone rings when you are at home. This circuit will give a visual indication if placed near a mobile phone even if the ringer is deactivated....
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Shock alarm circuit

admin April 7, 2010 22 Comments
 Description. Here is a simple shock sensitive alarm circuit that has many many applications fro home to automobiles.The main application of this circuit is to use it as an anti theft alarm in automobiles.A peizo electric sensor is used...
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Telephone off-hook indicator

admin April 7, 2010 2 Comments
Description. The circuit depicted here can be used as an indicator when the telephone receiver is off-hook. The circuit can be in corporated with old telephones that does not have such an indicator. The circuit uses a complementary darling...
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Street light circuit.

admin March 8, 2012 219 Comments
Description. The circuit diagram present here is that of a street light that automatically switches ON when the night falls and turns OFF when the sun rises. In fact you can this circuit for implementing any type of automatic...
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